Charlie Crist Praises ObamaCare

Ted Cruz calls himself the anti-Crist. The reference is to the ultimate turncoat RINO, Charlie Crist, a liberal Republican who went independent in a failed effort to slither his way past Tea Party upstart Marco Rubio into the US Senate. Crist then joined the Democrats, even going so far in his treachery as to endorse Obama in 2012. Desperate to once again lay his hands on power, Crist has discarded the last remnants of shame. Watch him crawl:

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D) said Sunday that President Obama’s controversial healthcare law has been “great” for residents of his state.

Crist has sharply criticized the healthcare law in the past. But the former Republican governor and 2008 GOP vice-presidential short-lister is running for his old post this year as a Democrat.

His nerve almost inspires awe. Florida has a high elderly population. ObamaCare is particularly brutal on seniors, even preventing them from spending their own money on healthcare.

Raved Crist on the ObamaCare debacle:

“I think it’s been great. … People getting healthcare is like a civil right. People need to have shelter; they need food; they need water, and they need healthcare, and they deserve it. We’re the richest country in the world, and we ought to provide it and God Bless [Obama] for doing it.”

We won’t be the richest country for long if liberals are able to follow through on this line of reasoning.

For healthcare to be a “right” is for you to have the right to demand others provide you with goods and services that you do not pay for. That is, you have the right to use the government to enslave those who do pay.

Why stop at healthcare? Why not declare – as Crist implies – that shelter provided by others on a coercive basis is a civil right too? All we need is for the Democrats to take Congress again and they can excrete a 2,700-page ObamaHomes bill (inspiring over 10,000 pages of regulations), requiring all Americans under penalty of law to buy a nice house with certain requirements.

Judging by all the extraneous crapola in ObamaCare, those requirements will include items most would never dream of paying for: Jacuzzis, wheelchair ramps, solar panels, et cetera, ad nauseam. Environmentalists will contribute a long list of expensive mandatory features, as will the crony capitalist producers of these features in order to make the most of their lobbying outlays. Houses that don’t fulfill the requirements will be declared illegal.

When everyone is required to own a home that includes an extremely long list of extravagant features, as with health insurance under ObamaCare, the price of a house will “necessarily skyrocket,” to use a familiar Obama phrase. No worries; if you can’t afford a $1 million home, the federal government will force everyone else to pay for it through subsidies.

The money simply isn’t there, and we are already $17.4 trillion in debt. But that’s only because the rich aren’t paying their fair share, right Comrade Crist?

After ObamaHomes will come ObamaMeals, the Stalin-style nationalization of the food supply. Following liberal logic, a coercively financed, federally regulated diet is a civil right.

Like the media, apparatchiks like Crist will egg us on every step of the way into communist misery.

Congratulations to Florida for not electing this creep to the Senate, where he inevitably would have become the next Benedict Arlen Specter.

At least Crist has finally made himself useful; there is no better cautionary example of what you are voting for when you vote for a RINO.

Crist Obama
What you vote for when you vote for a RINO.

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