Charlotte To Limit DNC Protest Groups

That’s right, the Charlotte, NC city council, comprise of 10 Democrats, including the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, and only 2 Republicans has decided to limit the 1st Amendment Rights of protesters

(WRAL) The city of Charlotte is holding a lottery to decide which groups can protest against September’s Democratic National Convention and when.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Monday’s lottery will randomly assign times during the DNC to participate in the designated parade route and speakers platform. The lottery is being held in the meeting chamber of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, and it’s open to the public.

On one hand, can you blame them? Most of the protests will involve unhinged and violent liberals, progressives, and anarchists (who vote Democrat), who, when they aren’t violent and threatening, make huge messes, poop on cop cars and doorsteps, and hassle people. They’ve also banned gas masks. No surprise, since Lefties are usually the ones who cause police to use tear gas. From the Charlotte Observer link

Anyone wanting to protest along a city-designated parade route — or use a “speaker’s platform” during the DNC — had to submit an application by last week.

Monday’s lottery will decide when and where those groups that applied will be allowed to protest.

The city has said that even though there will be two designated areas for protestors, people still have the right to protest or picket on any city sidewalk not closed for security reasons.

OK, I can kinda understand limiting the number of marches along city streets, so as to not hose the Charlotte residents. But, they have no problem with someone protesting way, way far away from the DNC area. For a Party that always talks about free speech, they sure seem to want to shut it down. But, then, they know what their supporters are capable of, and these rules are surely aimed against them.

Welcome to Moscow, North Carolina.

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