Chicago Alderman Solis Calls Americans ‘Nazis’

If you are interested in the rule of law, if you are someone who upholds the Constitution, or someone that believes in the sovereignty of America’s borders, Chicago Alderman Danny Solis wants you to know that you are a Nazi. That’s right Moreno thinks you are “wrong,” and you are “evil” if you want to uphold federal laws.

Naturally, Alderman Solis is a pandering, uninformed, loudmouth trying to make points with other people that hate America just like he does.

On June 9, the Chicago City Council voted to boycott companies from Arizona because of that state’s decision to institute its “tough new immigration law,” as the Sun-Times puts it.

Solis ignorantly railed against Arizona in the meeting. “This law is wrong. It’s evil. It [harkens] back to, what I consider to be one of the worst episodes of this world when Nazi Germany was able to identify a particular group of people by [passing] laws that were only the beginning of something that was monstrous,” he blurted out.

Solis, like all that stand against the Arizona decision, are one of two things. They are either liars, or wholly uninformed. But whether they are knowingly lying about the Arizona law and what it means or not people that oppose it are promulgating lies.

Worse, they are attempting to coddle criminals at the expense of the rule of law. Not to mention using inflammatory language against fellow citizens in order to aid foreigners. On top of all that, denigrators of the Arizona law are also undermining the United States of America at every level from historical, to economic, to cultural.

Of course, the main thing that is going on with panderers like Ald. Solis is that they are… well, pandering. Danny Solis is one of the worst examples of a politician with no principles. He doesn’t care if the U.S. is economically damaged by an invasion of criminal illegals. He doesn’t care if American culture is damaged by millions of immigrants that have no interest in becoming part of the U.S. He couldn’t care less if U.S. laws whether federal or local are broken. All he cares about is getting votes and in stuffing his own pockets with political contributions.

Danny Solis is a man without character, without loyalty to the very country that has made him rich, and wholly without any principles at all. But he is not alone. Every person attacking the Arizona bill is standing right beside him as anti-American compadres.

So, good job, Chicago. You’ve once again proven that no good can come from “The Chicago Way.” Sadly, corrupt politicians like Solis seem to be the norm in the Windy City.

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