Chicago Violence: 22 Shot in 12 Hours, Including 11-Year-Old Girl at Birthday Party

Chicago loses at least half a dozen or more citizens to violence each week. It also has upwards to 100 people shot each week. This weekend is no different with well over 22 shot in a short 12-hour period. Sadly, an 11-year-old girl was killed, too.

The Chicago Tribune has the story.

Shamiya Adams was sitting on a bedroom floor in her best friend’s home, making s’mores after an evening of practicing a dance routine, when the shot ripped through the house in Garfield Park.

The bullet crashed through the wall of the bedroom and struck the 11-year-old in the head. She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where family kept an overnight vigil until the girl was pronounced dead at 7:33 a.m. today.

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“They came out and told us she wasn’t going to make it,” Shamiya’s grandmother said. “Oh, my God.”

As the night wore on, about 40 people joined hands outside the hospital, forming a circle and praying.

“Just be with us, God. We need you now,” one woman pleaded as a black SUV filled with police rolled past. “We need you now like never before.”

Thirteen hours later, as police searched for the gunman, marshmallows and Hershey bars were still spread out on the bed, remnants of a summer sleepover turned tragic.

Chicago is the ONLY city in America that loses upwards to 8 citizens a week killed in violence. It is the ONLY city in America that has well over 100 shot each week, too. No other city has these high numbers of victims of gang violence.

And yet, Chicago and Illinois Democrats think banning guns is the cure? No other city has banned guns and yet no other city has this endemic violence. Could it be that the guns aren’t really the problem?

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