Claim: Temperature Records Have Been Systematically Altered To Support Global Warming

Many people have noticed over the years that temperature records meant to “prove” global warming have been constantly altered and updated in order to fit the global warming scenario. Over at Powerline, we get one fellow who has taken the time to really show the progression.

A fellow named Paul Homewood, an accountant by profession, has taken the time to assemble the past and present data for temp records in Paraguay and found some great disparities.

To show his findings, Homewood created animated GIFs of the data from each weather station in Paraguay, contrasting the “old” data–the data actually recorded by thermometers and reported at the time–with the “new” data, i.e., the massaged numbers that GISS now publishes. Here they are. The deception is obvious…

Homewood writes:

Let me state again. These warming adjustments have taken place at every single, currently operational site in Paraguay. …

What is perhaps most telling is that we have not heard a word from NCDC or GISS. We expect the jokers from BEST to jump in, but this data and the associated adjustments are from NCDC and GISS.

Serious accusations have been levelled against them in the media, yet they have not responded or attempted to defend their data. Instead, they seem intent to sweep the matter under the carpet, just as they did last summer when they told us “the system was working as it was supposed to”!

Terrible lies.

Warner Todd Huston

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