Clintons’ Est. Worth About $100 Million – She JUST Paid Herself $250,000 From Campaign Funds, Because…

Clintons’ Est. Worth About $100 Million – She JUST Paid Herself $250,000 From Campaign Funds, Because…

Nothing like recycling funds to a candidate who is already wealthy. It’s that other way of making money. Hillary has paid herself $250,000 since the election started. Her estimated worth is about $100 million. Gee, I can see why she’d be strapped for cash. So much for having anything in common with most Americans. In November of 2015, when transactions resumed to Clinton, she pulled in a total of $32,811 from two separate payments. In December, another $56,514 was made to her name. In January 2016, $88,878 more was given. All told, payroll and benefits transactions to Clinton have totaled $254,447 since the launch of her campaign. The woman is getting so many donations she has tons of extra cash to line her own pockets with. Corrupt much?

Hillary Clinton

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The campaign of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has made payments totaling six figures to Clinton this election cycle, according to a review of its expenditures.

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Federal campaign finance records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon found that starting in April 2015, the month that Clinton launched her campaign, thousands in payments began flowing to the candidate. Clinton has previously claimed that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when he left the White House, but the two have since amassed millions of dollars in wealth.

The first transaction from Hillary for America to Hillary Rodham Clinton came on April 13, 2015 in the amount of $74,042. This transaction was filed under ‘Payroll & Benefits’ with a separate payment of $1,488 for ‘Employee Benefits’ that same day, according to FEC filings. On April 14, just one day later, $744 went to Clinton marked as employee benefits.

The next in a series of payments to Clinton did not occur until later in the year.

And in an ironic twist (well, maybe not so much), some of these payments were shown to overlap with money given to Clinton Executive Services Corp., the private company set up by Hillary that oversaw the use of her private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Wonder if the FBI has made note of that? Wonder if it will come up in her forthcoming criminal indictment? No other candidate running for president recorded payments to themselves, FEC files show. Donald Trump reimbursed $410,000 to himself and other Trump entities for payroll expenses, rent, hotel and restaurant bills in December, according to reports. But Trump is funding his own campaign and not taking money from his supporters for personal use. While it is legal for candidates to pay themselves from campaign funds, the rule was established and intended for candidates who are not well off and quit their jobs to run for political office. That would not be Hillary Clinton. Bill and Hillary Clinton are estimated to be worth over $100 million dollars combined, with Hillary’s net worth estimated around $30 million and Bill’s estimated around $80 million, according to previous reviews of financial disclosure reports.

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