CNN’s Jack Cafferty Now Dissing Obama On The Economy And Debt

It only took him over three years to realize that Obama is a perpetual liar whose promises have a quick expiration date

(CNN) President Obama has broken a promise to the American people to cut the deficit in half.

His latest budget forecasts a $901 billion budget deficit for 2013.

If you add in the $1 trillion-plus deficits he has run for his first three years in office, along with an estimated $200 billion in economic stimulus, that’s about $5 trillion in the red in his first term.

George W. Bush set the previous record of $3.4 trillion of deficits in eight years. President Obama is on track to add $5 trillion in deficits in just four years. This is part of the reason why our national debt is now a whopping $15 trillion.

What’s amazing is that anyone actually bought into the notion that Obama would actually cut the deficit in half. The man had no executive experience, and typically voted “present” when any tough vote came up. He authored a single piece of legislation during his short time in the US Senate, which went nowhere. He constantly talked about all the things he was going to do which would cost lots of money. Why would anyone think he was serious about deficit reduction?

Here’s my question to you: Where is the U.S. headed if Pres. Obama is adding an estimated $5 trillion to the national debt in his first term?

Cafferty even mentions Greece as the future of America. Well, leave it to a Canadian to hit the nail on the head

Don Desaulniers (Belleville, Canada) President Obama is heading for financial Heaven as a rich man in America with the bonus of a solid pension to anticipate. The average US citizen, shockingly, is heading for a bleak future complete with a ravaged social safety net and a rapidly declining standard of living. By the end of Obama’s second term, America wiill look in the mirror and see today’s Greece. Unsustainable debt today creates chaos and hardship tomorrow. Welcome to reality where fiscal prudence does matter.

Many other commenters mention “Greece” and use terms like “poor farm”. Some accuse Jack of “sounding like a right winger” for daring to question Obama. Of course, questioning government was the point in mentioning “the press” in the first amendment.

Others have their ObamaZombie talking points down pat

Mike Danahy Simple solution. Stay out of wars that begin with lies. Change the tax code for the rich and coroporations and get rid of the Bush tax cuts. In other words, re-elect President Obama. It’s taken him one term to reverse course of the disastrous Bush/Cheney mess and in the next term he’ll begin the huge challenge of our defecit.

Mike’s right, we should stay out of wars based on lies, like, say, Libya. I’m sure Mike will send extra money to the IRS right away. And there is this one

Janice Why does it seem like everyone has amnesia. Yes the debt is going up with President OBama. No past President has ever had a country in ruins like this nor experienced all that this President has had to endure. The President had to take drastic measures with no help from the Republicans. The Republicans are bitter sad babies and is stalling the economy because they want the Power back instead of helping the people. Get real. Give the President 100% cooperation so he can get his job done. Stop with the insults and obstruction. If you refused to give your boss respect and refuse to work you would get fired! I wish the President could fire them all so that he can really get this economy moving.

Whew! Do Liberals even pay attention in Civics class anymore? The President is not the boss of Congress. We have a Congress to represent specific areas in each state. Of course, what she really wants is a dictator, ala Hugo Chavez.

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