Cokie Roberts Proves She is a Liar

I am finding it increasingly impossible to discuss current politics without pointing out that Democrats and liberals are simply a pack of liars and “journalist” Cokie Roberts fits quite neatly into this category for what she said about the healthcare debate on ABC’s This Week Sunday morning talk show.

As Brent Baker of Newsbusters reported on December 20, Cokie Roberts was all aflutter over the “Christmas gift” that is the Senate healthcare bill. But her characterizing this anti-American piece of legislation as a “Christmas gift” isn’t the lie. After all, when you want America destroyed like Cokie obviously does, then this bill is, indeed, a sort of gift.

No, here is what made her out to be a liar.

I think that there’s a lot in the bill that people are going to like. It’s just a question of understanding it…

Cokie here is patting herself on the back for “understanding” this bill and serving as the Administration’s flak for it. She is telling people that this bill has “a lot in it” that they are “going to like.”

But how did she know? The Senate healthcare bill had not been presented to anyone to have been read at the time Cokie had made her wild pronouncement on its wonderful nature. The simple matter of fact is that Cokie couldn’t have “understood” the bill any better than anyone else because she had not read it. Even her bosses in the Democrat Party had admitted that the bill didn’t quite exist yet despite that the Senate was expected to vote on the thing.

So, Cokie was simply lying to her viewers in order to fool them into thinking she knew that it was just chock full of wonderful things. She was lying because neither she nor any other human alive had yet seen this bill.

But, when you are serving as a political flak, truth and reality are meaningless concepts, right Cokie?

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