Communist Indoctrination in Chicago Schools

So, we spend millions upon millions in tax money on state funded schools, students and their families sacrifice tens of thousands of dollars in tuition as they set themselves on a road to loan payments for decades into the future…. and for what? To be taught that the murderous scumbag Che Guevara was some sort of hero, that’s what.

That’s right, our tax-funded schools are happily indoctrinating our students in the wonderful ways of Che.

Tom Mannis of Chicago News Bench has a great post full of all the particulars, but suffice to say it is a red day at Chicago City Colleges and its so-called “Social Justice Student Expo.”

Communist and socialist literature and artwork were displayed and offered in the Dave Rowland Sports Center on the campus of Harry S Truman College, 1145 West Wilson Avenue in Uptown. Posters told students that “Without Mexicans America Ain’t Nothin” and praising Che Guevara were on the walls. Vendors sold stickers that were pro-Hugo Chavez (“Boycott ExxonMobil Buy Citgo”), anti-military (“Recruiters Lie Don’t Enlist”), and (believe it or not) stickers urging that we “Impeach Bush/Cheney.” Yes, it’s 2010, but they still want those impeachment hearings.

It is an outrage, no less than an outrage. And your tax dollars are paying for this crap.

No government paid-for school should ever be caught with this sort of anti-American, anti-Liberty, pro-slavery, pro-tyranny sort of propaganda within its walls. Should communism/socialism be taught at all, you might ask? (There is no material difference between the two, after all. Some technical particulars differ, but both end up with murderous outcomes) Of course they should. They should be taught in the exact same way we teach about the evils of racism and Jim Crow, Nazism, and other such monstrous human failures. Communism/socialism is responsible for more human death and misery than ANY other human idea. Any of them including religion. And so communism/socialism should be taught as a cautionary tale always held up as a negative example and any teacher or administration that uses state funds or other wise allows teaching of communist hatemongering as a positive example should be fired and prevented from ever working in education again, anywhere.

No wonder homeschooling is growing in leaps and bounds. Too bad we can’t do university training in homeschools!

In any case, this is one more example of why conservatives must turn their attention to education and begin to invest themselves and their ideas in our system of mis-education. Our schools are foreign entities bent on destroying this country and we need to take our kids back from these Euro-esque, traitors.

Kudos to Chicago News Bench for the report.

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