Congress Just Delivered Some Very Bad News to Eric Holder

I pray they throw the book at Holder. His abuse of power is obvious and the fact that he has targeted conservatives, especially gun businesses, at every turn is outrageous. I’m not holding my breath though. I’ve yet to see any real teeth being sunk into these corrupt officials. Nevertheless, Congress just notified Eric Holder of hearings over Operation Choke Point and it may just be the beginning. Because if these hearings produce any traction at all, look for others to start lining up and a cell with Eric Holder’s name on it being readied at some comfy minimum security resort. He looks terrible in orange, so I’m sure something in line with Middle Eastern garb will be provided. I hope payback is a bitch – Holder gives corruption a bad name.

From Conservative Tribune:

If outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder thought that tendering his resignation to President Barack Obama would be all it took to get him off the hook for six years of irregularities in the Department of Justice, he had another thing coming.

Rep. Sean Duffy, the new chair of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee, has planned hearings into the DOJ’s Operation Choke Point starting early in February.

And his subcommittee may not be the only one.

Duffy told Fox News last week that the operation, originally targeted at shutting down fraudulent business practices by targeting the businesses’ ability to obtain credit, has been altered by the Obama administration into a tool to be used against any business of which the administration does not approve.

“What they’ve done is they put short-term lenders out of business, gun dealers out of business, ammunition manufacturers out of business,” Duffy said. “Because in America, if you can’t bank, you can’t do business.”

One example would be Mike Schuetz, who opened an account with Heritage Credit Union for his gun store in Hawkins, Wis.

Schuetz said that only a week after opening the account, credit union officials informed him that “pressure from the National Credit Union Administration” was forcing them to close it, according to Breitbart.

The CEO of Heritage Credit Union later denied that claim, saying that the NCUA had nothing to do with the account closure, but Schuetz said that he had “extensive audio recordings” of credit union employees that prove otherwise.

Schuetz went on to open an account at another institution, one that was not regulated by the NCUA. But Duffy warned that option would only remain feasible until other Obama administration regulatory agencies get on board with the way that Holder has used Operation Choke Point to target businesses on the basis of his own morality.

“The story of Mike Schuetz is only the tip of the iceberg,” Brian Wise of the United States Consumer Coalition told Breitbart. “We believe there are thousands of other victims who have lost their bank accounts due to Operation Choke Point but don’t realize that this is the reason.”

Breitbart also reported that Duffy’s committee may not be the only one to hold hearings on the DOJ’s Operation Choke Point, citing to unnamed sources, but did not provide specifics.

It’s hard to believe that an agency of the federal government would be used for such specific targeting of businesses of which President Obama and Eric Holder did not approve.

It’s not as if other agencies had been used for such targeting, like, say, the IRS, or …

Oh … wait.

Imagine how many lives this asshat has ruined out of sheer vindictiveness, pettiness, racism and just general hatred of all things American. He gleefully spins webs behind the scenes hoping to entrap all those he can to suck them dry before moving on to his next evil endeavor. Using power like this is a tyrannical technique worthy of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin or Mao. Holder has learned from the worst of the worst and he is an acolyte of Barack Obama. This is a man who could not pass the most basic of background checks. He wouldn’t be cleared to clean toilets on the Mall… yet here he is wielding enormous power over Americans in general and businesses in particular somehow. I say turn the targeting back on Holder with a vengeance.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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