Congress Now Not Even Bothering to Name the Bills They Pass

Thanks to CATO’s Jim Harper, we discover that the slovenly work of Obama’s Congress is so bad that they are now passing bills that they haven’t even bothered to name. It’s been bad enough that the Democrats have affixed to bills names that are entirely Orwellian in nature, but now they aren’t even bothering to think that hard.

In the recent past we’ve gotten bills named in ways that convey the precise opposite nature of what the bill does. We’ve had the “Employee Free Choice Act” that actually takes away worker’s choice, we’ve had the “Uniting American Families Act” that doesn’t unite American families but unites families of illegal immigrants, and we’ve had the “Freedom of Choice Act” which takes away the freedom of a fetus to chose life, apparently.

But as Harper informs us we’ve finally gotten to the nub of the matter. The Democrats are tired of sinking all their brain power into thinking up bill names that hide their true intent. It’s just so taxing on these busy, busy congressmen, ya know? Now they have gotten so lazy that they aren’t naming the bills at all.

Apparently Pelosi’s lazy House of Representatives has just passed H.R. 1586 which is proudly titled the “XXXXXX Act of XXXX.”

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What? Here’s how Harper explains this foolishness…

The Senate’s substitute amendment on this $26 billion spending bill had a placeholder bill name, and it could not take time to replace the placeholder. The House is expected to return this week and pass the Senate amendment, sending it to the president.

And since the Senate is now out of session, and because both houses have to pass bills sporting the same name, the bill will not legally be re-named from this placeholder title and will have to go into law as the “XXXXXX Act of XXXX.”

As Harper says, “the ‘law with no name’ will stand as a lasting tribute to the inattention Congress gives its work. Spending billions of taxpayer dollars is a hurried and casual affair for our lawmakers.”


I say that instead of six X’s in the title, they should have stuck with just three because this whole thing is obscene.

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