Convicted Cop-Killer Beloved by Liberals to Give Yet Another College Commencement Address

No serious person has ever doubted that Mumia Abu-Jamal, as Wesley Cook chooses to call himself, is guilty of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He didn’t try to hide it, openly crowing at the time that he shot Faulkner and hoped he died, promising to kill more cops, and carrying on like a wild animal at his trial so that he had to be removed repeatedly. The only question is whether it is a bad thing for a black Marxist in dreadlocks to execute white cops.

According to the liberal establishment, the answer is no. Consequently, his execution was stalled for decades until they finally took him off death row in 2011, 2 days short of the 30th anniversary of the murder.

While in prison, Mumia has exploited his hero status among liberals to pursue a career as a journalist. Taxpayer-subsidized NPR had him recording commentary to play on “All Things Considered,” although Bob Dole managed to pull the plug on that. He published the commentary anyway, and has been a regular commentator for the Marxist newspaper Jungle Welt.

Oakland public schools equate him with Martin Luther King.

Mumia has been called upon to deliver college commencement addresses for UC Berkeley, Antioch College, Occidental College, Evergreen State College, and now Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

Mumia has friends in high places — or at the very least friends of friends. Obama nominated prominent Mumia supporter Debo Adegbile, one of the lawyers responsible for seeing to it that his death sentence was not carried out, to head the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. The appointment was so obscene that Republicans woke up from their nap and managed to block it, overcoming almost unanimous Democrat support.

It isn’t about nuance. It is about good versus evil. People can either support the Daniel Faulkners of the world, or they can support the Mumia Abu-Jamals. It couldn’t be more obvious which side Obama and the Democrat Party are on.

After his inevitable release, he will get his own prime time show on MSNBC.

Tip and graphic compliments of Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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