Cook County Board to Extort Suburban Drivers

Just a reminder of how Obama’s Chicago Way-style of politics works…. THIS is where he comes from: Oh, the games Cook County Board President little Todd Stroger plays. And they are always about sticking it to the taxpayers, aren’t they? Stroger and his Democrat co-conspirators have really proven that county Democrats are more like a criminal syndicate as opposed to proper representatives of the people with a recent move to stick it to suburban drivers in violation of what the suburban cities even want to have happen in their jurisdictions.

Little Toddie wanted to have county sponsored red-light cameras positioned throughout the Cook County suburbs so that the county could get more money in the form of mailed fines from drivers. But the suburban towns and cities didn’t want the county to intrude upon their roads with these onerous cameras and at least in the case of one city, Schaumburg, we have a town that already removed their own red-light cameras due to pressure from the voters. So the county board offered a compromise.

To mollify the suburban cities the board included an opt out clause in its red-light camera rules. If the cities didn’t want them, they could opt out and keep them out of their areas. Stroger and his extortionist buddies were shocked, though, when “nearly every Northwest Cook County town proceeded to opt out” of his grab for suburban driver’s wallets.

What to do, what to do? Stroger was losing his new revenue stream. How could they stop it?

Eureka! Toddie had an idea…

He could illicitly hold back all maintenance fees for the roads in the offending opting out suburbs until they decide to let him put his red-light leeches in their cities.

So, according to Cook County’s criminal boss, if the suburbs don’t let him have his red-light cameras to bleed the citizens for one more drop of tax blood, why he’ll refuse to fix the country roads in their area.

Capone would be proud of Toddie Stroger.

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