Cops Insist on Getting Paid for Dressing Themselves

Here is another reason why unions need to be destroyed…

Do you think your boss should pay you for getting dressed in the morning or for taking off your day’s clothes to climb into your snuggly Pjs each night? No reasonable, sane person would. But unions are neither reasonable, sane, nor apparently interested in what’s good and right. At least the moron unionists in Oakland, California are illicit like that because the thugs of the police union have found some halfwit judge to agree with them that the city… that would mean the taxpayers… should pay them for zipping up their fly each morning and taking off their clothes at the end of each day.

In the height of arrogance, idiocy, and theft of taxes, these Cop thugs have been suing the city to get paid for “donning and doffing,” or in more sensible English, for putting on and taking off their uniforms each day. It’s bad enough these creeps had the gonads to make this idiotic attempt to steal the taxpayer’s money in the first place, but the feckless “legal” system in California has allowed it to go on AND have absurdly given these greedy public servants a victory over it all.

That’s right, now the City of Oakland will have to pay these dolts $1.75 million in legal fees, 130 vacation hours each, and will pay 60 retired officers $3,500 each for having to live in that horrible age where they were expected to dress themselves on their own time.

The lawsuit was also taking the city to task for miscalculating overtime and on that measure the police were within their rights, union or no, to seek proper compensation. But this lunacy about being paid to put their clothes on each day? Only a union could be so absurd as to imagine that this is a proper and good thing for which to ask compensation.

This all makes one wonder how these poor, lunkheaded cops will be able to dress themselves on their days off? Heck if they aren’t getting paid, will they have the intelligence to get dressed on those days off or are we to have off duty cops wandering about naked when not on duty?

But it’s worse than just the stupidity of it all. It would be idiotic, but maybe a tad amusing, if a private company was dumb enough to let a union fool it into paying employees for dressing themselves each day but at least that would be the business of the private company and its employees. If Ford Motors, say, wanted to pay its union work force to get dressed each day it would be stupid of them, yes, it would be outrageous of the union to seek it, of course, but it would be a private affair between a private company, its shareholders and its work force at the end of the day. If Ford were dumb enough to acquiesce to such a fool’s demand, then it would be on Ford and no skin off my nose.

However, what we have here is these thug cops forcing YOU and ME (as taxpayers) to pay for them to zip up their fly each morning! This is theft of taxpayer’s money plain and simple. This should not be allowed to stand. And it is just one more example of why unions should never ever be allowed for government employees. All it leads to is thievery of taxes in exorbitant pensions, undeserved benefits, obscene pay, and favored political pull for the very people that are supposed to be answering to we, the people.

These cops should be ashamed of themselves for turning from officers of the law into thieves.

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