Could Al Gore Run For The Democratic Nomination?

I’ll admit, I voted for him in 2000. This was back before he went stark raving mad on “climate change”, and seemed to care more about true environmentalism. But, hey, what we need is yet another old white entitled male to take out Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primaries, to use liberal terminology

(The Hill) Al Gore’s supporters have started chatting with the former vice president about a potential 2016 presidential bid, BuzzFeed News reported Thursday, citing an unnamed senior Democrat.

“They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically,” the Democrat told BuzzFeed, which noted Gore hasn’t made any moves toward running. “It feels more real than it has in the past months.”

ABC’s Rick Klein tweeted that a former Gore adviser confirmed that a “circle of his former aides are talking about” a potential 2016 bid though they are still in the very early part of the discussion.

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Gore starting trending nationally on Twitter shortly after the reports emerged Thursday.

This would be awesome, as we’d finally get Gore to debate on his pet subject, “climate change”. For being one of the main proponents of the movement, Gore has been reticent to debate anyone. Oh, who am I kidding, Gore refuses to engage in a debate with anyone on the subject. He’s great when it comes to prognostications and invective, but, he won’t defend it.

He stated that the Arctic would be ice free in 2014. Fail. He pimped the loss of glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro as being caused by climate change. That was wrong, because we found out that it had to do with clear-cutting trees. A British judge trashed his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. He has a massive “carbon footprint”, but wants Everyone Else to be forced to give up their use of fossil fuels. He sold his TV network, Current, to Al Jazeera, which is partially owned by the Quatari royal family. The entire Quatar economy is based on fossil fuels. He jets the world around on private jets. He is one of the biggest climate hypocrites in the world.

It would be fantastic seeing him attempt to defend his climate change beliefs in a debate for the first time. Cult of Climastrology members say they want a debate on the subject for the 2016 elections: I really do not think they’d enjoy the outcome. So, run, Al, run!

BTW, Joe Biden, another old white entitled man is getting closer to deciding if he’s going to run, attempting to take out the woman in the race for the Democrats.

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