Coulter Tells Michelle O to Hold Sign Saying ‘I’m Married to an Idiot’

Ever the firebrand, conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter thinks the Fist Lady should hold a sign that says, “I’m Married to an Idiot.”

Once President Obama finally noticed that nearly 300 girls were kidnapped by radical Islamists in Nigeria, First Lady Michelle Obama took to Twitter and posted a photo of herself holding a sign that said “# Bring Back Our Girls.” Right away the ridicule began for this feckless attempt at foreign policy and Ann Coulter led the pack.

Coulter isn’t letting go of the idea, either:

“It’s utterly pathetic and embarrassing. I mean this guy, Obama, has done to America in 8 years what took 100 years what it took 100 years to happen to the British Empire. We are retreating all over the world… We’ve lost our power throughout the world and these idiots think that a hashtag is some major policy initiative. How about Michelle Obama have “#I’m Married to an idiot.”

Coulter isn’t the only one making fun of the pointless Twitterings of the First Lady and her husband, the panderer in chief. Recently Charles Krauthammer slammed the hashtag diplomacy of the Obama admin.

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