Crook County Illinois: Fake State Rep Casts Deciding Vote to Raise Our Taxes

She didn’t know anything about the bill. She never read it. She hadn’t been given any cheat sheets, facts sheets, talking points, or mass emails on the bill. But in true, corrupt Chicago fashion, she voted “yes” on it just as she was told to do by her corrupt party bosses.

Even worse, she was only a “state rep” because someone told her to drive to the state capitol for a week to “be” one. As Andy Shaw joked, Williams became the “somebody that somebody sent.”*

It is business as usual for Illinois, the most corrupt state in the Union.

You see, fake State Rep Kathy Moore of Lincoln Park was drafted by Illinois Democratic Party bosses to fill out the last week of elected State Rep John Fritchey’s term in office. Fritchey was elected to a spot on the Crook County Board and left his state rep seat to take that chair last November. So, Democrats fretted that Fritchey’s 11th District seat would be empty during this important vote to wildly raise everyone’s taxes.

Now, the party could have conducted an early swearing in of the woman newly elected to that seat. Ann Williams was prepared to be sworn in early, but once she found out that Democrat thugs wanted to force her to agree to vote their way in order to be allowed to take her seat early, Williams refused to accede to the pressure. She figured she could wait and escape the forced conditions.

Good for her.

But Williams’ reluctance to be strong-armed left the 11th District seat empty for that final week of the lame duck session during which time a close vote to raise our taxes was to be called and party bosses couldn’t have that. They wanted to soak us all good for more money to spread around to their union pals. We can’t have unions going without their daily graft payments, cane we?

So, the Illinois Democrat Party went fake state rep shopping. They found Kathy Moore, the clueless wife of a local Democrat perfunctory, cajoled her to go to Springfield, and then told her how and on what to vote. Dutifully she packed her bags and trundled off to the state capitol to pretend she was “in politics.” And in so doing this fool has made a mockery of the legislative process and our democracy both.

After she voted as she was told, like a halfwit schoolgirl twittering like a teenager, Moore sent out a text message to her friends. “I hope it works,” she said. But what would she know? She just did what she was told. She hasn’t a clue.

This is the sort of putrid Democrat Party hackery that has turned Illinois into the single worse state in nearly every measurable category than any other state in the country. This is the sort of hate for the integrity of our political system as exhibited by Democrats that has made voters so cynical that they simply don’t care any more.

Kathy Moore’s faux stint as the 11th District’s representative is the destruction of the State of Illinois writ small just as she was in charge of voting for a bill that is the destruction of the state writ large.

Now, I wonder if she’ll get a full pension, free heatlhcare, and a state car for life now that she was state rep for a week? If she’s like any other Democrat, I’m sure this corrupt bargain was part of the deal.

Welcome to Illinois. Again.

Oh, and remember, folks. THIS is where Barack Obama and most of his staff are from.

*This is an old Chicago joke. Judge Abner Mikva once told a story about how he started in Chicago politics back in the 1950s.

I stopped by the ward headquarters in the ward where I lived. I walked in and I said “I’d like to volunteer to work for Stevenson and Douglas.” This quintessential Chicago ward committeeman took the cigar out of his mouth and glared at me and said, “Who sent you?” I said, “Nobody sent me.” He put the cigar back in his mouth and he said, “We don’t want nobody that nobody sent.” This was the beginning of my political career in Chicago.

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