CST: Senate Will Attempt To Pass Cap And Tax This Coming Week

Collapsing Science Today: Yes, you did read that headline correctly. And, yes, it was less than a month ago when Obama stood up in front of Congress and the American People and state uncatagorically that the economy and jobs were the top priorities for the government to focus on. A pledge that less time than most of his other pledges, as he started yammering on, along with Pelosi, Reid, and other elected Democrats, about the need to pass health system destruction legislation. He, of course, has his little theater in the round this coming Thursday, where he will offer up his own plan, and perhaps throw the Republicans a Chihuahua sized bone, and, oh, yes, Democrats are already planning to pass their Democrat owned health plans through reconciliation.

So, since the economy and jobs (the Times reports that millions will remain without jobs for years, the worst ever) are being ignored, why not try cap and tax to destroy even more jobs and cause a double dip recession that never ends?

A last-ditch attempt at passing a climate change bill begins in the Senate this week with senators mindful that time is running short and that approaches to the legislation still vary widely, according to sources.

“We will present senators with a number of options when they get back from recess,” said one Senate aide knowledgeable of the compromise legislation that is being developed. The goal is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that scientists say threaten Earth.

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The options will be presented to three senators — Democrat John Kerry, independent Joseph Lieberman and Republican Lindsey Graham — who are leading the fight for a bill to battle global warming domestically.

It is definitely time for Graham to retire. Apparently, he is unable, or unwilling, to read about all the false, spun, made up, and/or downright disingenuous “science” performed by the UN IPCC and other leading climate alarmists. He hasn’t bothered to pay attention to all the issues that have come out, especially since the start of Climategate. The science is anything but settled, especially with leading climate alarmist Phil Jones stating that there has been no statistical warming in the past 15 years, and that the Medieval Warm Period was warmer than the current warming period.

The aide said the Senate’s drive for a bill got a boost last week with President Barack Obama’s announcement of an $8.3 billion government loan guarantee to help start expanding the nuclear power industry, a top Republican priority. “The administration is really putting their money where their mouth is,” the aide said.

The one has nothing to do with the other. Republicans want nuclear power because it is a fantastic method to provide power. More bang for the buck, if you will.

The Senate trio’s success or failure likely will have a profound impact on international efforts to reduce carbon emissions and prevent Earth’s temperature from exceeding a possibly dangerous 2 degree Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) increase from pre-industrial times.

Ummmmmmmmm-huh. Right. Only problem is, that would be the climate of the Medieval Warm period, one which humans did just fine in. Vikings settled Greenland, and became farmers. Until the Little Ice Age wiped them out, of course. Considering that the temperatures have risen by less than 1 degree C since the end of the Little Ice Age, quite a bit during a time when SUVs and heavy industry were not present, it couldn’t be nature, could it? Considering that temps have been flat and even reducing over the past 10 years, yet CO2 levels continue to increase, perhaps that might mean that the science, based on alarmism and garbage in garbage out computer models, is false. What Alaska Congressman Don Young is calling a scam. Even Newsweek has noticed that the climate alarmist scientists have played fast and loose with the facts, such as they are.

You can email Lindsey Graham here, or give his DC office a ring (202-224-5972). And give your Senator a holler, tell them to vote “Nay” on this idiocy, and get back to work on jobs and the economy. Though, if they are a Democrat, their policies haven’t done very well over the past year, either.

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