Deadwood May Pull Coakley Through

Scott Brown has his work cut out for him today — and not only because Massachusetts is the Death Star of the entrenched liberal elite. The closer progressives’ backs get to the wall, the more inevitably they will cheat. The foundation for fraud has already been laid:

Massachusetts had 116,483 dead people on its voter registration rolls and another 538,567 people who were no longer living at the addresses on their registrations, according to a study released Oct. 28, by Aristotle International Inc., a nonpartisan political technology and data firm. …

The study that Aristotle released on Oct. 28 surveyed voter registrations in all 50 states. It found that Massachusetts ranked among the states having the worst problems with “deadwood” voters.

The lefties who run the Democrat machine can be counted on to cheat for several reasons:

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1. There is nothing in their shallow, nihilistic philosophy to give them moral qualms.

2. Their hero Saul Alinsky assures them that the end justifies the means.

3. As people become increasingly enraged at what was passed off on them in November 2008, fraud will be Dems’ only chance.

4. Fraud works: just ask Christine Gregoire and Al Franken.

There isn’t much question whether cheating will occur. The questions are whether the Democrat establishment will be called to account by a sympathetic media, and whether the people will put up with it.

On a tip from Incitatus. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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