Dear, Former Victims of Socialism/Communism, America Needs OUR Help!

(A friend of mine, Leon Weinstein who is a US citizen that emigrated from the USSR in 1974, wrote this because he is alarmed that the U.S. is headed to the hell he ran from so long ago. This is important stuff, folks. Leon KNOWS what he’s talking about as he lived through Russian Communism. We need to seriously think about his warnings…)

Dear ex-compatriots who once lived under the socialist regimes of the Soviet Union, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Cuba, China, Albania, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Venezuela of Chavez, the Argentina of Peron, and others of similar life experience!

I was born in the Soviet Union and was lucky to part with socialism and lucky & privileged to become the US citizen. However during last year and a half I am becoming increasingly concerned about the direction American leaders are steering our country to. More and more the US resembles the world you & I were fortunate to leave behind. More and more it now resembles the path Russia took a century ago — and we all know the devastating results this “experiment” caused. This is the very same path Greece recently chosen in trying to achieve another “just society.”

For years the United States was the island of sanity in the ocean of pain, suffering and injustice in which most of the world was drowning. The countries that were able to stand against tyrannies and make life bearable for their citizens did so in large part because the US was backing them with its might. If America falls, world as we know it will end. Without a strong America we will soon see China establishing its hegemony over Asia; Russia will strengthen its muscles and take back Eastern Europe; Hugo Chavez and brothers Castro will run Latin America; and a wide swath of the globe stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia and perhaps the Philippines will become radically Muslim – fanatically massacring “infidels.”

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Please read Letter to America below and (if you agree with the content) sign it, and forward it to all your friends, relatives, co-workers and pen pals. Ask your spouse and kids over age eighteen to sign it as well. Even if you never lived in a socialist country but share our concerns, we are asking you to stand with us. When signing Letter to America please choose the field “I didn’t experience socialism firsthand but I agree with you.”

Thank you all for your willingness to raise your voice and defend freedom! You & I now have an opportunity and obligation to help America, to do something for all the good we so generously received from this wonderful country.

Our voices will make a difference!

Letter to America
Written by people who came from where Obama is taking America to

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened… I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.” — Norman Mattoon Thomas, Six times Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

(those words are attributed to a leader of socialists of this country. Was it he who said them or not is not important. What important is – it is becoming hard to distinguish between democrats in the US & socialists)

Dear Best Country in the World!

The people whom you so generously gave a gift of freedom want to warn you about a danger we foresee in your not-so-distant future. And the name of this danger is Socialism. It often hides under different disguises. Sometime it calls itself Progressivism, sometime Liberalism. The adepts call themselves Marxists, Maoists, Che Guevarists… however usually they do not want you to know what sect of Socialism they belong to.

This letter is written and signed by the people who have firsthand experience in Socialism of all kinds, types and varieties and who didn’t like any kind or variety of it. We didn’t like it so much that at the first opportunity we packed our bags, left behind our friends, our cultures, our languages, jobs, security and ventured into the great unknown. We didn’t like the Totalitarian Socialism of the Soviet Union or the Progressive Socialism of Yugoslavia, the Vietnam Hard Socialism or the Western European Soft Socialism. Not one of them! Did you ever asked yourself why there are so many Italians, Canadians, Ukrainians, Cubans, Vietnamese, Chinese in America? The answer is simple — here is better than there.

The Soviet Union was throwing us into jails just for expressing our desire to leave, but we were demanding our freedom nevertheless. East Germany was killing us when we were climbing the walls they built to separate us, but even knowing that we might die we were choosing freedom and liberty over their social justice. Cuba was drowning us in the ocean but every night our boats were leaving their socialist paradise in the hope of reaching better life for ourselves and our families. We knew that we could end up in Vietnamese Gulags or at the Cambodian Killing Fields, but our desire to leave the nightmare of Socialism behind us was stronger even than our fear of death.

They took from us everything we had, everything that our parents and grandparents left us, but even stripped of every earthly possession, we were leaving their state-wide socialist prisons filled with joy and anticipation. Because you see, we had a Dream! We envisioned a world where we can work hard and prosper. We envisioned a world where no government, no strongman, no militia or gang could seize our possessions from us, imprison us for no reason, or kill our families on a whim. We envisioned a world where ingenuity, relentless pursuit of one’s goals, sleepless nights and hard work would earn us what we all desire — a happy and prosperous life in a secure world. America was our dream and our ideal!

Not anymore. We are afraid not anymore.

When we were celebrating holidays, during family reunions or just while dining with friends, one of us immigrants would say to the others — Let’s drink a toast to America! God Bless this country that allowed us to come and build our nests and take care of our young and old! God Bless America, we were saying to each other. This is the place where those that work hard, obey the laws, who are honest and sincere are handsomely rewarded.

Not anymore. We are afraid not anymore.

We feel insecure again, we sense that tomorrow might bring us another Vladimir Lenin, and right after him another Joseph Stalin. What if, we are asking ourselves, a new Lenin, Mao or Hugo Chavez is already in the White House?

Socialists love to talk about the common good and proclaim their honorable intentions to make everyone equal and happy. Andrew Galambos, co-founder of the “Free Enterprise Institute” came to the conclusion that whenever governments try to achieve their goals by social engineering, the results are just opposite of what they intended (or proclaimed that they intended) to do.

Let us say the price of tomatoes is rising, poor people can’t buy them, and a compassionate (liberal) government says “let’s control the price of tomatoes, so enabling poor people to enjoy them as well!” Very very honorable intention, right? So the government issues a decree that the farmers must lower tomato prices… Next year, however, there are no tomatoes on the market, for neither rich nor poor. The price limit makes growing them not as profitable as growing other vegetables and farmers stopped growing tomatoes. Very few farmers will continue but will be selling them on the black market for ten times the price.

What part of this Obama doesn’t understand?

The state that went the way of “social justice” has now two options — either order farmers to grow tomatoes and sell them for a controlled price despite lower profits or even losses (and punish those who will not obey), or confiscate/nationalize their farms and organize a government run tomato growing ministry, with a government-appointed Tsar running it into oblivion. The first option is called Fascism, the second is called Socialism.

We do not like either option. We opt for Capitalism described in the words of another great 20th century philosopher Alisa Rosenbaum known to the world as Ayn Rand as “… the only system geared to the life of a rational being and the only moral system in history.” No politico-economic system during the six thousand years of recorded history of our civilization has benefited mankind as greatly as capitalism. Yes, our fellow Americans, Capitalism coupled with the Founding Fathers’ principles gave us freedom and prosperity.
Under Fascism, the government controls the market, tells to small and large businesses what to produce, what salaries to pay to workers, how much profit to make, and generally tells them what is “needed for the people.” Under Fascism what we-the-people are really want is irrelevant. Under Socialism the state (government) owns all the means of production. Under Fascism the state is your boss and can order you around. Under Socialism the state is your employer, your trade union, your court, your law, your judge, your jury, and your executioner. Under both systems the good of the state is much more important than your individual good, your rights, wealth and health of your family.

Under both Socialism and Fascism the government decides how to spend the money it takes from you — whether on treatment of non-productive citizens such as the elderly or handicapped, or on the poor but productive workers. Since they consider “the good of the state” to be paramount, they will clearly not choose to spend a lot on your elderly parents or on your handicapped child. The state doesn’t want to spend extra money on those “useless” to the state beings. It is only you who is interested in your mom. If you keep your money, you spend it as you please. If the state gets your money, they will spend it as they please — serving the “Greater Good”! This is what we witnessed in our Socialist countries and this is what we escaped from.

Our grandparents didn’t understand the consequences of socialized medicine. But we already do. We had it for years and we have had enough! If you think that in Great Britain they invented something that works differently, read their newspapers full of horror stories about the treatment they are getting since they made socialized medicine the law of the land.

Our grandparents didn’t know and couldn’t even imagine (exactly as you can’t now imagine) that if there will be one and only source of student loans, the people who are in charge can and will decide who goes and who doesn’t go to college and which colleges get preferential treatment. Some may argue that President Obama is the greatest man in the entire universe, but what if after him (or even during his administration) comes a bad guy, a Student Loan Tsar who quietly will give loans only to … white people? Or only to colleges that teach Buddhism? Or he will decide to give loans only to people with pointed ears and only in the state of Delaware? Letting one person decide on a variety of subjects will lead us to either Fascism or Socialism. Pick one.

Every dictator before installing an outright tyranny attempts first to outlaw and confiscate firearms from private citizens. The dictators do not want their “subjects” to be able to resist. When people are weaponless, they are defenseless. There are now people in the Obama White House who’s favorite philosopher is Mao, a thoughtful ruler who killed seventy million of the citizens of his own country. Josef Stalin killed fifty million and mostly Soviets. Adolf Hitler is a distant third with “only” forty million killed, most of them foreigners. You see, fascists are always behind socialists. One or two steps, but behind.

Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Castro attempted to ridicule and strip people from their faith. They didn’t want their people to have strong convictions. People with strong convictions are harder to subdue. One of the main goals of any socialist government is to discredit and root out religious beliefs of their constituents. Instead of religion socialists teach their own doctrine and perverse morals at schools, colleges and through the media.

In the America of today all manifestations of religion (except Muslim of course), established by millennia of moral conduct and encoded in the Ten Commandments, are driven out of schools and out of our lives under the banner of equality and multi-cultural co-existence. However, the Left does preach another religion — one of “social justice,” a cynical, amoral refusal to recognize evil and tolerance of crime that they simply do not call religion. Socialists, progressives, liberals, Marxists think that if they do not label their belief system “religion,” we will not notice.

The most important and best paid people in socialist countries are the government workers. They are in a position to allow or disallow almost any action you the citizens want to undertake, in nearly all aspects our lives. They are predictably unable to withstand the very human temptation to sell their favors. The more regulations the state has imposed, the more power the bureaucrats get. We would advise you to check in which sector of American economy the people now receive the best salaries and have the most benefits. Would it come as a surprise to you if you will discover that the American government workers, servers of the American nation… are now paid much better than the average citizen they serve?

In the countries we left behind the governments continuously drummed into our children that the greatest person in the world is the current ruler. Starting in kindergarten, children were told daily in games, plays, and lessons that “our leader is the savior of the nation, will live in our memories forever”. Children were shown films and given books glorifying the leader and crudely ridiculing any opponents as enemies of the people. Sound familiar? We didn’t like it then; we do not like it now.

In socialist countries laws were enacted because the heads of the states wanted them enacted. President Obama says that he wants to be the leader of our democracy, but acts like he already lives not in the USA but in the USSA (The United Socialist States of America). His recently rammed-through health care reform is a good example. Forcing “ObamaCare” through Congress by hook, by (yes) crook, and any other means to buy votes, against the clearly expressed will of a popular majority of Americans, and with every Republican in Congress voting NO, was a tyrannical act. This was a display of political coercion far worse than anything seen in this country — so far. We didn’t like it then; we do not like it now.

There are laws in place that will allow the US government to seize large companies that are “too large to fail” but as a result we can lose money invested in the shares of those companies. If you doubt it, look how the GM takeover was conducted by the government and how they abused bond holders’ rights and gave the investor’s money to the unions that (what a surprise!) helped Obama get elected. Do you think it will not happen to you as well the moment our esteemed president will need more money? And he promised so much to his supporters that he will need more and more, and more.

Any country that prints money like crazy will eventually have runaway inflation. If you have no savings, you need not worry. But if you managed to save, if you put aside your hard earned dollars to help you through retirement or leave to your loved ones, than the government by printing vast amounts of new money is stealing your savings. They steal your lifeblood. But even worse, they steal what you would leave to your children and grandchildren. This is what socialists do in every country where they rule. It is their way of taxing us to stagnation without admitting it.

Do you remember those two names Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov? Both of them from Russia, both Nobel Prize winners (the first a writer, the second a physicist), both hated by the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Their country’s political elite called them traitors, accusing them of writings that “sold out the Motherland”. The Soviet government even told us, its citizens, that “those two deserve to die for what they had written and for what they had said”. However, when asked whether they had actually read the books and articles they so strongly condemned, and what exactly those two were writing, the Soviet “apparatchiks” would only reply – “I didn’t read it myself, but I was told…”

Is this not strikingly similar to what is now happening in the United States? The Democratic Party bosses accuse the authors of Arizona’s immigration law of inciting racial profiling, bigotry, racism, hatred… Yet when asked to provide specific examples of language in this “terrible document” encouraging such racial profiling, all those activists, including Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and State Department officials reply “I didn’t read it myself, but I was told…!”

What do you think — are they really that stupid that they didn’t read it, or they are lying through their teeth in order not to be asked what specifically they didn’t like in this law?

Below are words of David Kaiser, a known and well respected historian. Whom do you think he was writing those words about: “How did he get people on his side? He did it by promising jobs to the jobless, money to the money-less, and rewards for the military-industrial complex. He did it by indoctrinating the children, advocating gun control, health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride once again in the country… and across the world. He did it with a compliant media… And he did this all in the name of justice and change. And the people surely got what they voted for.” Did you guess already? No, no, he wasn’t talking about Obama. He was talking about Adolf Hitler, the leader of The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, a party of national unity and change! Change! Change! Change!

We are slowly losing our freedoms. We are gradually losing our properties. We are willfully losing our friends around the world. We are losing our superiority in science. We are losing our military might. We were winners whom many feared and many hated, but we were the ones on whose shoulders the modern world stood. Now we are losers whom no one cares for. The only way to stop it is to vote Democrats out of their offices at the upcoming elections in November 2010 and retire the rest of them in 2012.

On behalf of those who came from the place Obama wants to take us to… on behalf of those who suffered under Socialism, of those who do not want their children to suffer the very same fate under self proclaimed liberals, progressives or Marxists, we are saying no more! NO MORE!

Leon Weinstein
US citizen, emigrated from the USSR in 1974

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