Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Calls For This Move Against Trump… Immediately Regrets It

What an unaware, clueless dolt Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is. It’s hard to believe that she was the leader of the Democratic National Committee… then again, maybe not. She just got slaughtered on Twitter… again. This time for calling for an investigation into Russia’s influence on American democracy. Oh, that is rich coming from someone who supported Hillary Clinton, who met with the Russians numerous times. She also gave most of our Uranium to them and let’s not forget the millions she made off of helping the Russians set up Skulkovo… Russia’s Silicon Valley and the hot spot for cyberwarfare against the United States. Yes, Debbie… let’s look into that.

I am far less concerned over Trump’s tax returns than Clinton and Obama’s pay-for-play with Russia. Regardless, I think an investigation should go forward and everything should be uncovered. I guarantee Debbie will not like what is aired here, but she asked for it. I say give it to her. Let’s also not forget that Debbie was hip deep in the DNC email scandal, or that she had Muslim IT people working for her that are now being charged with equipment theft, fraud and misappropriation of funds. Bonus, they had full access to the Dems’ emails and they ported intelligence to a server they controlled. Wonder where that wound up and how it compromised our national security? And the Dems paid these guys millions.



From TheBlaze:

Congresswoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, was sternly rebuked on Twitter Saturday after she called for an investigation into Russia’s “influence” on American democracy.

“We need an open, bipartisan investigation of Russian influence on our democracy and the White House,” Wasserman Schultz tweeted, linking to a story from ProPublica about Trump’s tax returns.

Many found Wasserman Schultz’s call for an investigation into Trump’s administration sort of ironic. After all, Wasserman Schultz herself was found to be behind an alleged conspiracy that rigged last year’s Democratic presidential primary to ensure that Hillary Clinton became the DNC’s nominee.

The conspiracy was revealed in a series of email leaks by WikiLeaks. Many, especially Democrats, also believe Wasserman Schultz is the reason Donald Trump is president and Clinton is not.

The Democrats can thank Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in no small part for Donald Trump’s victory in the last election. She screwed over her own party and really gave Bernie Sanders the business. Frankly, if the Dems had gone with ANY other candidate, Trump might not be in the White House now. Glad we dodged that bullet and that they let a moron like Debbie lead them off a cliff.

The Twitterverse wants an open, transparent investigation into Debbie rigging the last election for Hillary Clinton. I can’t say I blame them. Her own party has turned on her and is rightly blaming her for this mess. Some are calling her a Sociopath… hard to argue with that one. After the emails were revealed last summer showing the DNC rigged their primary, Wasserman Schultz resigned. Former labor secretary Tom Perez was elected DNC chairman last month. It’s more of the same… he’s a Marxist and he appointed Keith Ellison, a radical Islamist as his deputy chairman. More scandals to follow no doubt. Behold the death of the Democratic Party.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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