Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Drowning In The Shark Tank

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Drowning In The Shark Tank

After being booted from an event headlined by the inimitable DNC chair, Shark Tank’s: Javier Manjarres has uncovered more interesting facts about Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She has tried to paint Mitt Romney as an outsourcer and an enemy of the middle class, however, documents posted today detailed a rather luxurious vacation and a super secret New Hampshire home, which points to a different story. : I’m glad to see that Mr. Manjarres cited my friend and colleague at Newsbusters, Jeffrey Meyer, to show that she actually declared herself a member of the American middle class.

Manjarres wrote that:

: On 6/9/12 Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz took a one-week cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean ‘Oasis of the Seas’ luxury liner to the Western Caribbean, embarking from Port Everglades, Florida…the extent of her accommodations are most certainly eye-popping.

The two-story, spiral-staircase ‘Loft Suite’ that Bruce’s son was invited up to was on the 17th deck that overlooked the rear of the ship. According to Royal Caribbean, a 7-Day Cruise for 4 guests ranges from $15,264.08 in the Crown Loft Suite, to $19,364.08 in the Sky Loft Suite. These two types of suites are only found on the 17th Deck. (Source-Royal Caribbean)

So the question begs- how can someone earning a living on a congressional salary afford such a lavish suite on a cruise ship- especially someone who so adamantly claims she is “middle class?” Also take into consideration that Wasserman Schultz’ family was a party of five on board the cruise ship, meaning that they would have been charged an additional $1615 for the fifth guest, bringing the cost of the cruise somewhere between $16,879.08 and $20,979.08.

After the Shark Tank contacted and spoke to a Royal Caribbean sales agent, we were informed that : as per maritime laws enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard, families of five or more that wish to reside in a ‘Loft Suite’ are mandated to upgrade to the Royal Loft Suite as per safety regulations. That brings a one-week excursion in a Royal Loft Suite aboard the Oasis of the Seas for a family of five to $33,151.65, taxes included.(Source-: Royal Caribbean Email)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz may be a Member of Congress and the Chair of the DNC, but she’s not the Sultan of Brunei.

As for her secret home:

The first piece of property listed as owned by Wasserman Schultz is identified as Lot 17 at 17 Meadow Rd, Newbury, NH.: The second property listed is as being owned by Steve and Deborah Schultz, located at 57 Meadow Rd, Newbury, NH. The Schultz’ have carried several mortgages on this property, the first on: May 20, 2005: for $349,660, the second on: June 30, 2008: for $371,250, the third on: April 27, 2009, and the last one on: November 24, 2010 for $374,500.

So let’s do some simple math. The Schultz’ 2010 value of their Newbury, NH home is estimated at$503,400, which includes the land and the 3 bedroom structure. When you add the total estimated value of her primary residence in Weston, Florida, valued in 2012 at: $409,850, Wasserman Schultz has close to: $1 million: in total real property.

This would not have been an issue if Schultz told the truth about her financial background. : Middle Class Debbie…far from it.

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