This Delusional RACE BAITER Claims To Have A Plan To Increase Democrat Votes

This Delusional RACE BAITER Claims To Have A Plan To Increase Democrat Votes

It is shocking how much the Democrat Party relies upon manipulation and outright fraud for electoral success. There was a time when Joe Kennedy did his shenanigans in private. Now, Democrats openly flaunt their frauds and schemes. For example, Jesse Jackson recently claimed that it should be a Democratic priority to restore voting rights to felons as these felons associate with the Democrat Party and help secure victory in elections.


From the Washington Examiner:

Rev. Jesse Jackson Tuesday laid out an expansive proposal to register millions of new voters, especially in the South, and demanded that governors grant felons the right to vote because most will choose Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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“We can literally turn those red states blue and purple,” he said if felons, the poor and students are signed up to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Referring to felons, he said, “most of those folks are eligible to vote.” In states like Virginia, for example, the governor can individually grant felons a vote. A recent plan by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to grant hundreds of thousands of felons a vote enmass was killed by a court.

Jackson, twice a presidential candidate in the 1980s said the felon vote is a priority for Democrats because most vote for liberals, a claim backed up by recent polling.

“Almost all of them are inclined toward our persuasion,” he said at a packed event hosted by The Nation and and emceed by the progressive magazine’s chief political editor John Nichols.

Jackson added that his support for Clinton was built in part because she can change the courts with new judges and will help the down ticket. “My support for Hillary is not just top down, it’s bottom up because if you go to jail, it’s judges (put you) in jail, not the president,” he said.

He also made the case for registering the poor, church goers and college students in time for the upcoming election.

“We have the numbers,” he said to the crowd of progressives, many wearing shirts and buttons backing Sen. Bernie Sanders. “These voters are very ripe for the picking,” he added.

But he warned that the time for action and organizing is now, noting that too many voters fell through the “cracks” in 2000 when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.

“If we vote our numbers, we overwhelm them,” said Jackson.

As a general rule, if rapists, murderers, thieves, robbers and other various lowly criminals overwhelmingly support your party, it’s a good bet that your party is a party of scumbags who do not represent the interests of hardworking, law-abiding Americans.

Ol’ Jesse seems to have lost sight of the fact that having the support of criminals is NOT a good thing.

But, what does he care? As long as he gets to line his pockets in the name of “civil rights”…

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