Dem. Adviser Joe Trippi Admits Carter’s a ‘Failed Presidency’

Amusing note of the day: Well known Democratic advisor Joe Trippi called President Jimmy Carter’s a “failed presidency” on CNN yesterday.

Trippi bemoaned what those nasty ol’ Republicans are trying to do to his Obammessiah but admitted that Carter was a failure as president. This is something we have not seen before coming from such a prominent Democrat.

This administration has the potential to be FDR or Jimmy Carter and I think the Republicans are going to do everything they can to make him Jimmy Carter, to create a failed presidency. That’s, unfortunately, what many of them want.

You know Democrats are desperate when they finally admit that Carter was an utter, abject failure as president.

It is amusing to me that Trippi has made this admission. After decades of extremist liberals bald-facedly maintaining the lie that Jimmy Carter was a great president, they have now finally come to grips with the truth. Carter, the terrorist supporting, tyrant’s best friend was one of the nation’s worst presidents. But not only is he one of the worst, he was one of our most dangerous ones.

Only one failed president was more dangerous in office than Carter and that was James Buchanan, he who fiddled while the country began to burn in civil war. Carter’s mistakes are not quite as disastrous as Buchanan’s, of course. So, even as a failed president he fails to get the worst slot. He’s even a failure at being the worst.

Still, the fact that Democrats are finally beginning to admit this singular truth is amazing, indeed.

Jimmy Carter, failed president. Even Democrats are finally admitting the truth. It only took twenty-five years.

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