Dem Hold on Jewish Vote Slips

Finally, Jews are beginning to think better of the reflexive support many of them offer to a party that is hostile to their interests both at home and abroad.

Barack Obama started his presidency with an astounding 83% approval rating among American Jews. Nine months later, that support had dropped to 64%, and he ended 2009 with a dismal 48% approval rating. The president is clearly no longer on the same page.

[Jewish conservative Norman] Podhoretz recently delivered a stinging rebuke to the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman specifically (and the left generally) for sabotaging American Jewish interests. He set the record straight: “Our interests and our ideals, both as Americans and as Jews, have come in recent decades to be better served by the forces of the right.”

Podhoretz not only argues that anti-Semitism has been banished from the right over the past 40 years but points to a long history of ADF “seeing an anti-Semite under every conservative bed” while remaining blind to the reality that “anti-Semitism has found a hospitable new home on the left, especially where Israel is concerned.”

This could be why Hamas heartily endorsed Chairman Zero, going so far as to run phone banks from Gaza (they were of course rewarded with our money after the election) — and why the Moonbat Messiah’s popularity in Israel is in the basement. Closer to home, Dems reflexively side with rabidly anti-Semitic blacks like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan — the guy who actually called Obama the Messiah. In economic terms, Jews tend not to benefit from the Dems’ increasingly alarming eat the rich attitude, especially as their notion of “the rich” comes to include ever more of the middle class.

Self-hatred among left-wing Jews goes back at least to Karl Marx, explaining why Jewish support for the Dems hasn’t fallen even faster. But Podhoretz isn’t the only Jew to make a name for himself among conservatives. Just among conservative radio hosts there are Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and probably more. There are enough Jewish conservatives now that moonbats use the term “Neocon” as a slur against Jews.

Dems have the black vote sewn up for now, having bought it with race-based privileges and wealth redistribution. The Jewish vote is another matter.


On a tip from Byron. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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