Dem Kamala Harris ARROGANTLY Tries To Twitter-Shame Trump On ‘Shrinking’ Middle Class — HUGE Mistake!

Remember the Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris? Of course, how could you forget? Well, she recently took to Twitter late Friday to pour out her concerns for the American people. According to her, she is worried for the “shrinking” middle class… She also gave direction and stated what she knew as the best course of action.


Of course it was negative and of course you better believe that it wasn’t the last administration’s fault. But have no fear! Twitter users quickly pointed out the error in her tweet:

“The middle class is shrinking & income inequality is increasing.”

“We must focus on the basics: good-paying jobs & affordable healthcare.”

Twitter users agreed with the points that Harris was trying to make, but speedily disputed over her implication that these problems are because of President Donald Trump…The man that has been in office for a little over a month.

Alternatively , users educated Harris that former President Barack Obama, one of Harris’ besties, is responsible for the economic stagnation facing Americans, in addition to the “failed policies” of “liberal progressive Democrats.”

Still others blasted Obama’s prime legacy component as president, the Affordable Care Act, as the cause of the problems:

Harris is a joke and just like all the other leftist progressives, she is after one thing. Control. They all wish to exercise control over the population and they will lie and push blame onto anyone no matter how preposterous the claim. Her tweet was completely outrageous! Where was this concern when Obama and his administration were calling the shots?

All credibility is gone. She and the rest of the left can’t scapegoat this one…

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