Dem. Senator Slips Up – Admits There’s NO EVIDENCE To Justify Trump Impeachment

Dem. Senator Slips Up – Admits There’s NO EVIDENCE To Justify Trump Impeachment

The Democrats have been riding the impeachment scooter since Trump won the election in 2016 and it would appear that they are running out of fuel. (And as much as they cry and protest, scooters don’t run on all of their crushed hopes and dreams.)

Even liberals are being forced to admit that there really isn’t anything on which to base an impeachment case. Unfortunately, college liberals who know next to nothing about law don’t realize that “he hurt my feelings” isn’t a legitimate reason to impeach a President. If it were, Obama would have been long gone well before his second term.

Democrat Senator Chris Coons was asked about his opinion on potential impeachment proceedings heading into 2018, given that at least half of the current sitting Dems have voiced their support.

His answer, given to MSNBC, was nothing short of blasphemous to them: It turns out that there isn’t actually any evidence to impeach Trump.

“I’m not calling for the President’s impeachment at this point because I don’t think we’ve seen the sorts of evidence that would justify it at this point,” he pointed out. “I’m a political realist. It’s a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Impeachment won’t move forward unless there is something that shocks the conscience of the average American and persuades a majority of Republicans this President committed high crimes and misdemeanors. It’s premature to even discuss that.”

Unless there is a blue dress and Trump commits perjury, or some similar scandal that rocks the very foundation of the Republican Party, it’s highly unlikely that most Congressional Republicans would move forward with impeachment. Whether they like him or not, there is a standard for this kind of thing and “saying things that offend my delicate sensibilities” simply isn’t among them.

If Democrats are beginning to realize this, it could make for a potentially more peaceful year, politically speaking. I still anticipate anger, protests, calls for impeachment by people who don’t understand the legal system and that sort of thing, but realistically, there is nothing there. There is no smoke and there is certainly no fire. It’s absurd to think that someone would want a President impeached simply because their candidate didn’t win the election. Guess what? I voted for Ted Cruz. I don’t even really like Trump, but I’m not taking to the streets with pink hats and pictures of ovaries to demand he step down or be forced out.

I think the least we can do is expect some civility out of these people.

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