Democrat Candidates Work To Outdo Each Other On Being Anti-Gun

The Democrats held a debate Sunday night, the perfect time to make sure as few people as possible watch, a way to ensure that Hillary Clinton can continue her march to her coronation as the Democratic Party Establishment Candidate. They discussed a variety of talking points, including who is the toughest on ownership of firearms by law abiding citizens

(Yahoo News) The three Democratic presidential candidates sparred over gun control early on in their debate in Charleston, S.C., on Sunday night.

Their exchange began with questions about the shifting position of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on a bill limiting liability for gun manufacturers and sellers whose products are used in crimes. As Sanders has gained in the polls, frontrunner Hillary Clinton has attacked him on the issue.

Though the spotlight was on Clinton and Sanders, the long-shot third-place candidate Martin O’Malley got in the last word on gun control. O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, argued that both Clinton and Sanders are “inconsistent” on guns. (snip)

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The exchange began with the moderators asking Sanders about reversing his position on a 2005 bill that gave some gun manufacturers and sellers immunity from liability. Sanders voted for the legislation, and Clinton had been attacking him for it before he announced a change of heart on Saturday, just before the debate.

Placing liability on the manufacturers for their products working correctly would be a death knell on the industry, which is exactly the point in pushing this issue. Do we sue alcohol makers for people getting drunk and killing themselves or others?

Anyhow, Bernie is super enthused that the NRA has given him a D-minus rating. Hillary has an F. So does O’Malley, who fought back against his two rivals

“When it comes to this issue, I’m the one candidate on this stage that actually brought people together to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation,” he said, later adding, “It did have a ban on combat assault weapons, universal background checks, and you know, we did not interrupt a single person’s hunting season. I’ve never met a self-respecting deer hunter that needed an AR-15 to down a deer.”

A couple points. First, for all his gun safety legislation, many cities in Maryland are very violent, especially Baltimore, which has seen a massive uptick in “gun violence” in 2015. If these universal background checks work so well, what’s up with all the shootings? Why is Baltimore, a city he was mayor of from 2000-2007, known for the massive use of bullet proof plexiglass in stores to protect the workers from extreme violence, often from people illegally in possession of guns?

This may play well to the Democratic base, and those few who actually watch these debates, but it won’t do well during the General election season.

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