Democrat Rep Greene: ‘Impeachment Does Not Require a Crime’ – Congress Can Impeach , Get Ready [VIDEO]

Democrat Rep Greene: ‘Impeachment Does Not Require a Crime’ – Congress Can Impeach , Get Ready [VIDEO]

Representative Al Green (D-TX) is determined to impeach President Trump. Between him and Maxine Waters, it’s impeachment all the time and for any reason. Green did an interview yesterday on SiriusXM Urban View’s “the Black Eagle.” There he made his case that the President doesn’t actually have to commit a crime to be impeached. Congress can impeach a President for behavior that impacts society negatively. Let’s review impeachment per the Constitution, shall we? At the federal level, Article II of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that: “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” What Green just described does not fit the bill and is not true.

Now that we have established that Al Green is a moonbat AND a liar, let’s see what else he has to say. Green started his call for impeachment of the President a few months ago. Heck, he’s been calling for it ever since Trump was elected. Next week, he plans to bring impeachment articles to the floor. That’s so he can make an even bigger ass of himself in front of everyone.

Green stated, “[I]mpeachment does not require a crime to be committed. … That’s what some of these constitutional scholars have been confusing people with. Because they’re talking about what Mr. Mueller is doing, and he is investigating a crime. But, impeachment is a political remedy, and it simply means removal from office. It carries no criminal penalty. … But, regardless as to what Mr. Mueller does, the Congress can still impeach the president for his behavior that has an adverse impact on society. That is what impeachment is all about, a president who is unfit to serve because he has done things that would be harmful to society.”

What utter bull feces. Obviously, Green is no constitutional scholar. He’s a moron and he’d be a laughable one if so many on the left weren’t echoing his sentiments. Green wants to file his resolution because of the NFL debacle. I kid you not. Here’s what he had to say this week: “I rise to say to the world that this is not what America is all about,” Green said during a House floor speech on Tuesday as he condemned Trump’s attacks on NFL players who have knelt during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and kneel in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. “I will stand here in the well of the Congress, and I will call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America.” Good luck with that, you asshat.

If he goes through with this, it will force the Democrats to either vote for or against impeachment. Most of them won’t vote for it, because Trump has done nothing that merits it. But, they will make a scene and the floor will become one huge circus, which is fitting because all of DC has become one as well. Al Green is a vile, bitter man who has an unhinged hatred of President Trump. He’s also a whack-job. Let him make a fool of himself… no one will listen or care. Nor should they.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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