Democratic Health Care Fantasyland: Once People Know About The Bill, They’ll Like it!

How out of touch with reality would you have to be to actually believe this?

Dems can salvage political goodwill from the messy and electorally painful health care bill, but only if they invest the time and resources necessary to convince voters it was a good idea to pass the mammoth package, according to a top Dem pollster.

A survey conducted across vulnerable Dem districts shows most voters warm to the proposal once they learn more about it, according to a copy of a memo obtained from Capitol Hill and political sources. Included in the poll were 92 districts held by Frontline Dems and Blue Dogs, districts where Dem incumbents would feel the most heat for supporting the legislation.

Dems will target white middle-aged voters, white women under 65 and white married women. Those groups respond most positively when Dems explain what is in the bill, pollsters found.

The poll, conducted by prominent Dem pollster John Anzalone, who conducted some polling for Pres. Obama during the ’08 campaign, shows a plurality of voters currently oppose the health care bill; just 35% of swing voters favor the bill based on what they know about it. But when they hear more about it, 51% of all voters, and 50% of swing voters support the measure.

As one of the commenters on the original article said,

After hearing only the pro-Dem side on the bill, basically half the people still don’t like it. And this is supposed to be evidence of its popularity? Just how do Dems plan to keep people from hearing the other side of the story? Any Congressman stupid enough to fall for this deserves to lose his or her seat. — Dave H

It’s also worth noting that the Democrats have been trying to shove this monstrosity through since August of last year. There have been daily articles about the bill. It seems like Barack Obama has been doing a speech a day for months flogging it. Yet, the conclusion here is that people haven’t learned enough about it? What would make any sane person think that after this grueling, nearly 10 month long propaganda fest from the left, that all it’s going to take are a few more empty words to turn the public around?

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