Democrats Attempted To Block Bill Allowing Wheelchairs On Federal Lands

Democrats Attempted To Block Bill Allowing Wheelchairs On Federal Lands

Apparently, the disabled rank rather low on the hierarchy of things Democrats care about

(Daily Caller) Democrats tried unsuccessfully Thursday to sink a bill that would allow bikes, game carts, strollers and wheelchairs in federally protected wilderness areas.

The legislation, introduced by GOP Rep. Tom McClintock of California, was passed through the House Natural Resources Committee during a markup on 15 separate bills. McClintock’s bill originally gave motorized wheelchairs and many non-motorized, wheeled devices full access to wilderness areas, but it was amended to allow area’s managing agency to reject or restrict the use of certain devices.

“Public lands should be open to all Americans,” GOP Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, chairman of the committee, said in a statement. “It is shocking to see self-proclaimed defenders of public lands in Congress vote to perpetuate a permanent ban on bikers, parents, the disabled, or certain hunters from accessing public lands.”

Democrats would prefer the disabled not be allowed to witness the majesty of nature on the lands that are owned by We The People

Democratic Rep. Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts criticized the bill for not appropriately balancing the public’s access with the environment’s protection.

“We must work to find a balance between compelling, yet sometime competing interest,” Tsongas said. “This requires balancing access for high impact recreation activities, like mountain biking, and those simply seeking solitude in some of our nations wildest and most remote landscapes.”

I guess the sound of wheelchairs annoys Ms. Tsongas. Or maybe it’s the sight of wheelchairs.

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