Democrats Don’t Care About ‘Health,’ It’s All About Politics

Robert Creamer of the HuffyPost penned a very revealing piece that proves that Democrats simply don’t care at all about anyone’s “health,” but that this whole fiasco is solely about political “wins” and power. If someone happens to get a little healthcare out of the thing, that is purely incidental to the actual purpose of Obamacare.

Creamer’s piece describes the top 10 reasons why voting yes on Obamacare is “good politics for Democrats.” Tellingly, not one of the reasons is because healthcare “reform” is good for the people. In fact, most of his “reasons” that Dems should vote for Obama’s socialist take over of our healthcare system is because it’s good for Obama’s political fortunes.

One would think that Democrats should vote for this “reform” because it’s good for the people, but that idea doesn’t seem to factor into Creamer’s reasons at all. And from the political calculations we’ve seen during this last year of healthcare debate, he isn’t much different than those whose vote will create this socialized healthcare program.

His tenth reason is the most childish and free of any analysis of all of them. As far as Creamer is concerned the tenth best reason to vote yes on nationalized healthcare is simply because the GOP is voting against it. Isn’t that some deep thinking?

His other reasons mostly revolve around how the vote would give a victory to Obama and strengthen his presidency and serve to prove that Democrats actually can get something done. It is interesting that Creamer finds the total remaking of the United States from a capitalist, representative republic, to some sort of quasi European social democracy is justified just because it makes Obama stronger. Quite short sighted, but typical of Democrat thinking.

Creamer also admits that the ultimate goal is to have a complete government takeover of healthcare and cut out all private medical activities. This is in contravention to all of Obama’s lies that he isn’t interested in a complete government takeover of healthcare. Like most left-wingers, though, Creamer doesn’t care if Obama lies about things as long as his side wins in the long run. Like most Democrats, Creamer feels that principles are not part of the political calculation.

His reason number two, however, is interesting for its aspects of class warfare. He says voters “hate the insurance industry” and says that a Democrat vote against the insurance industry will raise Democrat’s appeal. Of course, the sad fact is that Obamacare will actually embolden the insurance industry, at least temporarily. So, when the voters find this out (and the far left has been warning about this all along) what will happen the Democrat’s new found approval?

His first reason, however, is the most egregious of all. Creamer absurdly equates the end of slavery with this socialist healthcare bill. He thinks that civil rights and giving women the right to vote is exactly the same as this socialist healthcare plan. This sort of idiotic hyperbole galls and makes light of real civil rights and the end of slavery.

This bill does not free anyone. It does not assure anyone any god-given rights. In fact, it enslaves people to government as opposed to freeing them. But Creamer disgustingly claims that “freedom” will occur when all that will really happen is that Americans will forever more be placed under the thumb of an all intrusive government that will be created with this socialist takeover of our healthcare system.

The fact is, to Creamer and Democrats this healthcare bill is all about the power they can gain over America. It has nothing at all to do with healthcare.

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