Democrats Don’t Trust Americans

My headline is a statement of fact. Democrats don’t trust Americans because they are always looking for ways to cut them out of the process. Here we have another example of that axiom proven out.

Illinois State Senator James Meeks, the Reverend Meeks, parades around as a man of the community, a man of the people, a man that wants to lead the folks to take control of their own lives through government.

In keeping with his commitment to give power to the people… Meeks has introduced a bill that would take more power away from the people and give it to the state. Yeah, it does make Meeks a hypocrite if you were to actually believe his lies about “power to the people” and all.

The truth is, though, Meeks is just another Stalinist, Big Government advocate looking to enhance his own power and take as much money and power from the community as he can manage to take.

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Here’s what he’s done this time:

Grassroots education advocacy groups are reeling from the news that state Sen. James Meeks filed a bill Monday that would strip local school councils of their most important powers, including selecting principals and controlling their school’s discretionary funds.

The bill would make LSCs merely advisory boards and would transfer their authority to the Board of Education.

Naturally the grass roots, community groups that until now had more power over their children’s education are left out in the dark as Meeks makes to summarily eliminate their local control and place that power into the hands of he Nanny State. And to compound his apostasy as a “man of the people” Meeks blindsided the community with this bill having never even told anyone he was about to propose it.

It all pretty much confirms that Democrats don’t really want the people involved in anything. They just want the people to pay exorbitant taxes and then shut up and stay out of the way of their betters — which, in Meeks’ opinion, is himself — as they rule all they survey. All I have to say to the South Side of Chicago is, folks you live in Meeks’ world. Understand it. Love it. And shut up and pay your taxes.

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