Democrats Get Their Marching Orders On Tax Increases (On Other People)

The sheeple were told what to do by their Liberal masters, and have shown up in force

On Wednesday morning, as his tinted black bus pulled into Randy Hultgren’s congressional district, President Obama told residents that Republicans like Hultgren must be willing to raise taxes to reduce the deficit.

A few hours and 90 miles away, Hultgren’s own constituents had picked up the message, repeatedly hectoring the freshman congressman at a town hall meeting to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

“We have clear information that . . . tax cuts, especially to the super rich, has not increased any more jobs,” one man told him. “I want to know under what conditions you would be willing to consider increasing taxes, especially on those who can afford it? ”

“I just have one question for you tonight,” said another. “Did you sign Grover Norquist’s pledge to never raise taxes?” – referring to the promise that has been signed by most congressional Republicans, including Hultgren.

99% of Liberals have no idea who Norquist actually is, but, they were provided with a name and a talking point, and that’s all they need. Actual facts and adult style rational introspection? Not necessary in Liberal World

It is a scene that has been repeated at town hall meetings across the country this August as Democrats make a concerted effort to use this month’s congressional recess to change a national narrative on taxes.

For years, it has been Republicans who have wanted to talk about the issue, winning elections promising not to let government take more from voters.

But since the showdown over raising the debt ceiling, Democrats have been unusually eager to embrace tax increases, gambling that voters will see the Republican refusal to consider higher taxes for the wealthy as recalcitrant and out-of-touch.

Yet, can ANY Democrat honestly state that they have done their part and paid their fair share by paying extra money to either the Federal or State treasuries? We see what happens in Massachusetts, where approximately .03% choose to pay the optional higher state tax rate, which is 5.85%, versus the standard 5.3%. No, really. Liberals in Mass. can’t even be counted on to pay 0.55% more in state income tax.

Like everything else in Liberal World, it’s always about penalizing and/or punishing That Guy, making them pay. It’s never about themselves. Someone Else must be forced by government to Do Something. They never walk the talk, practice what they preach. I forget who wrote it, some book on the shelf, but, it goes something like this “when Republicans are hypocrites, they tend to hurt themselves and their families. When Democrats are hypocrites, they tend to hurt other people, and often enrich themselves.

Over at The Save Jersey Blog, we find out that Senator Frank Lautenber (D-NJ) said “we got to eliminate the rich.” I triple dog dare Frank to send his approximately $50 million dollars to the state and federal treasuries.

I also triple dog dare all you liberals who want to tax That Group to do your “patriotic” part and pay the Clinton era tax rates, including the higher capital gains rates, which are based on your income level. We can use the 2000 rates as the baseline. You, and all the uber-rich Democrat voters, can also refuse to itemize, and avoid taking advantage of all the “loopholes” in the tax law. Furthermore, instead of giving donations for political causes and elections, you should use that money to help fund the federal government.

Finally, I’m begging Speaker Boehner, or some Republican Representative, to submit legislation that would create an alternative tax rate system, similar to Massachusetts. Give liberals the official capability to put their money where their mouths are.

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