Democrats Interrupt Moment of Silence for Orlando Victims… Then THIS Happens [VIDEO]

Democrats Interrupt Moment of Silence for Orlando Victims… Then THIS Happens [VIDEO]

During a moment of silence in Congress called for by Paul Ryan that was meant to honor the victims of the Orlando terror attack, leftist Democrats decided to protest and throw fits on the floor. That certainly shows how much they care for the gay community and their loss. They were demanding gun control legislation on the spot. Way to be respectful guys. Three asshats even walked out during the moment of silence. They were very disruptive and loud. It felt like a fight was going to break out. Ryan and Clyburn faced off and it did not end well.


From Young Conservatives:

After Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) led the moment of silence, Democratic lawmakers began shouting criticism over lack of gun control legislation.

Democrats yelled “Where’s the bill?” and “No leadership!”

You do not have the right to bully in gun control legislation and ditch the Second Amendment. It’s embarrassing and it’s petulant just as Mike Huckabee said. These leftist nuts are just crazy in what they say. Some Democrats left the House chamber in protest, including Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, who earlier declared he would no longer participate in moments of silence. “Silence. Not me. Not anymore. I will no longer stand here absorbing the faux concern, contrived gravity and tepid smugness of a House complicit in the weekly bloodshed,” Himes said in an angry speech in which he referred, not to an “Islamic terrorist” but a “madman with the military-grade rifle.” Blaming guns in the midst of militant Islamic attacks is an insult to those who died over the weekend. They want to disarm all of us and leave us totally at the mercy of these murdering Islamists. These people are morally bankrupt and their actions are just shameful.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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