Democrats LAUNCH Their “SUMMER OF RESISTANCE” Plan – This is What They’re Doing

Democrats LAUNCH Their “SUMMER OF RESISTANCE” Plan – This is What They’re Doing

Democrats have made it their mission to oppose everything Donald Trump does, no matter what. And this is despite the fact that their party is in chaos, they are struggling to find someone to lead them, and they have little to offer the American people beyond their opposition to Donald Trump. So it isn’t entirely surprising that their next move is not anything substantive, but a so-called “summer of resistance”.

The Democrat National Committee is urging resistance over the summer. The goal is to exploit dissatisfaction with the Trump administration and build momentum before the 2018 mid-term elections. For starters, the DNC will host a series of events in June that will lead to what they have dubbed a “national training summit.”

“There has been an explosion of activism and energy after the election of Donald Trump and we need to turn this moment into a movement,” DNC chairman Tom Perez said in a statement. “As the Democratic Party, it is our role to support this activism and energy, and convert it into electoral wins up and down the ballot by making sure state parties have the tools and resources they need to succeed.”

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While Democrats are right that there has been an “explosion of activism,” so far, it has not translated into any kind of real results. Several special elections have been held since the presidential election. Democrats lost in Kansas and failed to come out ahead in Georgia, where there was one Democrat running against a very crowded field of Republicans, but still couldn’t get a majority of votes.

Still, the deputy DNC chair, Keith Ellison, insists that there is good reason to remain optimistic. “We have never had a better opportunity to win up and down the ballot. But showing up is not enough. We have to organize, knock on doors, and motivate voters to the polls. Only then can we deliver what hardworking American families need,” he said.

Do you think the “summer of resistance” will help Democrats win?

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