Democrats RISK Violence In Their Attempts At DEMONIZING Healthcare And Republicans

Democrats RISK Violence In Their Attempts At DEMONIZING Healthcare And Republicans

The Democrats are not backing off their incitement of violence against Republicans. In fact, they are doubling down now over the healthcare bill. Hillary Clinton’s was the most abhorrent: “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.” Hypocrisy so thick, you need a chainsaw. First off, it’s not true. Obamacare actually has wound up taking healthcare away from Americans, not the Republicans. I’m not sure what the Republicans are doing exactly… they should be repealing Obamacare entirely, not passing Obamacare lite. But whatever it does, it’s certainly not killing people. Then Elizabeth Warren is calling it blood money… that Republicans are paying for tax cuts with American lives. Again, a monstrous lie. Bernie Sanders was just as bad, but he deleted his tweet: “Republicans are trying to pass a bill that could kill up to 27,000 in 2026 so they can give tax cuts to the wealthy.”

You would think after the assassination attempt of Republicans at a charity baseball practice game in Virginia by a Bernie Sanders supporter, they would cool the rhetoric. Not so much evidently. They are egging on their base towards ever more violence… they want Republicans killed and violence in the streets of America. That’s how they think the left will affect change. Democrats keep pounding home the falsehood that Republicans are trying to kill Americans and they are evil, laying the groundwork for someone to morally (in their mind) take Republicans out. It’s downright wicked.

From Breitbart:

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Democrats have settled on a grisly theme in their attacks on the Republicans’ new legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare: death.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted on Thursday: “I’ve read the Republican ‘health care’ bill. This is blood money. They’re paying for tax cuts with American lives.”

And former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted Friday: “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.”

Her 2016 rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), tweeted a similar message — then deleted it.

It’s ironic that the Democrats are accusing Republicans of killing Americans over healthcare when Obamacare did indeed usher in death panels. Here’s an idea… why don’t we scrap all of this bull crap and just go back to the way it was before Obama and the Marxists got a hold of the best healthcare system in the world? They won’t do it, but that is exactly what should happen here.

This is widespread and the Democrats are unhinged over it. You see it in Nebraska, where a high ranking Democratic official was caught on audio saying he wished Scalise would die because Republicans were going to cause Americans to die over healthcare. That’s insane. What the left is doing is reckless and highly inflammatory. It is going to cause a wave of violence and they won’t like the results if that happens, I guarantee it. No one is going to die because of lack of insurance. Hospitals take those who can’t pay and they work something out with them. As for those with catastrophic illness, Obamacare doesn’t help them… unless you count letting them die faster.

What the Democrats are doing here is very, very dangerous. And the fallout on both sides if something happens will be calamitous. There will be a high price to pay for lying for political gain and ginning up the masses. See the French Revolution. That didn’t end well either. It almost never does.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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