Democrats Using Typical Tactics, Calling Republicans Stupid

If Democrats are just so much smarter than everyone else, particularly Republicans/Conservatives, then why has the economy been in such dismal shape despite the recession being over (supposedly) for well over a year? Why has the unemployment rate continued to hover in the 9% range? Why have they been unable to get their message out that the Stimulus and ObamaCare are just “super duper awesome wonderful”? Why did Obama not realize that there were no “shovel ready jobs”? Why do they have to govern, if you can call it that, by attacking their opponents, rather than laying out a reasonable, rational, calm discourse? In Liberal World, it is because everyone is stupid, of course

The 2010 election has devolved in its closing days into a battle — familiar in American history and high school alike — over who’s stupid, and who’s a snob.

Republican candidates have served up their share of bloopers – humanoid mice, sunspots causing climate change — and Democrats have taken the expected delight in their opponents’ stumbles. But they’ve taken their mockery one step further — contending as a part of their closing argument that the tea party movement, its champion Sarah Palin, and the left’s favorite Republican candidate, Christine O’Donnell, are, frankly, dumb.

Wait, what’s that about sunspots being a blooper? The Sun is the primary driver of the Earth’s climate, with sunspots being a major contributor.

Palin “has made ignorance fashionable,” the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd wrote Wednesday, comparing the Alaska Governor’s intellect — unfavorably — to Marilyn Monroe’s.

Rachel Maddow occupied her MSNBC show Tuesday night mocking a series of Republican figures, laughing through a clip of O’Donnell’s attempt to explain that the phrase “separation of church and state” doesn’t appear in the Constitution, a point that drew nothing but ridicule on the left and in the British press. “The crowd is laughing at you,” she said as O’Donnell appeared on-screen.

Yet, as us “stupid” people know, O’Donnell was, in fact, correct. I’m still waiting for some liberal to point out where that phrase actually appears anywhere in the Constitution. Well, consider that Liberals think that the Constitution doesn’t give people the right to keep and bear arms, only the police and military are allowed (barely) in their world. Except for their bodyguards. They’re allowed, for some reason.

And let’s not forget their big unforced error regarding Sarah Palin and 1773.

In doing so, they’ve also brought to light some of the party’s most self-destructive tendencies, the elitism and condescension that Bill Clinton sought to purge in the 1990s, when he matched a progressive agenda with the persona of a likeable “Bubba” to win two terms. Not many Democrats could pull it off. Charges of elitism dogged John Kerry in 2004 and resurfaced against Barack Obama at his lowest points in Pennsylvania in the spring of 2008, when he was recorded saying that small town people “cling” to their faith and their guns.

“The Washington elite isn’t just blind to the wave, it is fueling the wave of anti-elite resentment,” said the Republican consultant Alex Castellanos. “Laughing at the tea party proves their point – Washington doesn’t listen to people outside the Beltway.”

Interesting that so many “smart” Democrats are about to join Obama’s unemployment line.

But, it’s not really surprising that Democrats use these tactics: it keeps them from having to talk about their unpopular legislative agenda, both in the past and what they want to do in the future.

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