Dems Big Recess Plans: Focus On “Climate Change”

Glad they have their priorities straight, what with a poor jobs market, real wages in the crapper, more and more people being shifted to part time positions, historic numbers of people dropping out of the jobs market, etc and so on. You know the hit parade.

(Politico) The White House, congressional Democrats and their allies are plotting an August recess offensive to promote President Barack Obama’s climate change plan and head off Republican opposition.

The full-court press shows that liberals have learned from past August congressional recesses, when Republicans, aided by the tea party, out organized Democrats and managed to demonize cap and trade and blame them for high gas prices.

“The Democrats should seize the opportunity to contrast themselves with the nihilistic House Republicans by advocating solutions to these challenges – including climate change,” said Daniel Weiss, senior fellow and director of climate strategy for the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

And what kinds of action are they pushing? The same things Obama is pushing: more taxes, more regulation, more Big Government, more spending. Strangely absent is the notion that people who believe in “climate change” should change their own behavior.

The strategy is two-fold. First, liberals hope to better articulate the threats posed by climate change to the average citizen, including sea level rise, drought and wildfires. Second, they plan to call out Republicans in Congress who are skeptical about climate change science.

So, we can expect lots of scary stories about things that “might” happen decades into the future, provided by people who take lots of fossil fueled flights and drive around in fossil fueled vehicles. And, as we all know, the best way to get someone to work with you is to insult them, demonize them, and call them names.

Starting next week, (EPA head Gina) McCarthy will begin traveling around the country to discuss the importance of acting on climate change. The White House official said her schedule includes speeches, media events and meetings with outside groups – all of which will be promoted heavily on social media. And the official added that McCarthy will begin meeting with states soon to discuss the agency’s pending climate regulations.

So, she’s going to take lots of fossil fueled planes and motor vehicles to explain the danger of fossil fuels? This is all being ginned up by Obama’s “independent” Organizing For Action, which will itself hold a “day of action” on August 13. I wonder what the Gore Effect will look like on that day? Anyhow, will they recommend every Warmist like a “carbon neutral” life that day? Nope. Perish the thought. They’ll push the same old taxes, Big Government, and control over Other People’s lives. Oh, and that Obama should unilaterally Do Something, like he’s a dictator, not POTUS.

Here’s your homework: go to these rallies and town halls, your Congress critter’s office if necessary and they’re a Democrat, ask them what they are doing in their own lives. Put them on the spot.

PS: The Politico story even attempts the old silliness of putting a power-plant picture at the top of the story, supposedly putting out CO2, when in fact CO2 is colorless.

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