Dems Popping A Squat On House Floor Order In Food – The IRONY Is WHO They Ordered It From…

Dems Popping A Squat On House Floor Order In Food – The IRONY Is WHO They Ordered It From…

CLASSIC Dem move! They hiss and growl at something, then turn around and use it when it benefits them. This whole popping a squat and throwing a fit thing they are doing on the House floor is getting more entertaining by the minute! That is…if you can get past the feeling of being embarrassed for them.

Now their mission is to cause a fuss until they get their way, by doing what they do best during their work day – NOTHING. However, even demon spawn get hungry every now and then…so they ordered in. Check out WHERE they ordered from…


From Young Conservatives:

But even politicians get a little hungry when they are busy sitting on the floor, so they decided to call for some delivery—and conservatives will probably get a kick out of what they ordered.

TMZ caught interns bringing in a big cart of Chick-fil-A for the famished protesters.

Now if you’re a little hazy on the history of the delicious fast-food chain’s politics, here is a refresher.

Back in 2012 it was revealed that the company had donated millions to groups that actively campaigned against LGBT rights such as gay marriage.

After a national outcry, Chick-fil-A changed their tune and pulled much of their funding for these groups. Local Chick-fil-A chains in Orlando took it one step further, going out of their way after the Orlando shooting to feed those waiting in line to donate blood.

Oh, the IRONY of it all… The whole butt to ground tantrum is such foolishness. Sometimes I feel bad for their brains. It has to be awful in there.

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