Dems Really Antsy Over Release Of CIA Torture Report, Which, Dude, Was Like Years Ago

Seriously, like, you know, the “torture” of stone cold jihadis was over two years ago. Unless, of course, Team Obama has continued the practice of rendition, water boarding, etc

(Politico) Wondering what happened to the controversial CIA interrogation report that the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify a month ago? So are many Senate Democrats.

The response thus far from the Central Intelligence Agency and the White House: crickets.

Several Intelligence members are requesting updates and quick public release by the White House of the summary they voted to declassify in April. The document, which contains key findings and conclusions of a five-year probe by the committee, is expected to be highly critical of the CIA’s secret prisons and interrogation techniques used on terrorist suspects during the George W. Bush administration.

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Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has urged the White House to wrest control of the declassification process from the CIA and is demanding rapid action. But, in an interview, she said she has received little feedback from the Obama administration and seemed resigned to a lengthy timetable.

“I would hope that it would be short and quick,” said Feinstein. “That may be a vain [effort].”

Sorry, DiFi, if it doesn’t have anything to do with campaigning, Obama’s just not that into Doing President. Obama might have also realized that the programs worked. Say, I wonder if the Senate Democrats will release a report on Obama’s use of drones on jihadis? Anyhow, the report itself is supposed to say that the program stopped 20+ terrorist attacks, but the report claims that those attacks could have been stopped by other means. Like brownies with ice cream, I suppose.

Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded, supposedly 83 times, and that intelligence led to capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. His waterboarding was said to have stopped those 20+ attacks, including one which have released an airborne pathogen on the US West Coast.

Of course, some of the “torture” as simply making detainees uncomfortable, like with hot and cold and sleep deprivation. And listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Interestingly, the report is going to be highly critical of the CIA, rather than the Bush White House, claiming that the CIA misled the WH, Congress, and the American People. Of course, it all depends on what ends up being released, and what is redacted.

Anyhow, isn’t this old news? Why do we care when this was over two years ago? Dude! Yet, strangely, the Democrats, who are whining about spending money investigating Benghazi, spent roughly $40 million, so far, on this CIA “torture” report. Also of interest, the program saved the lives of Americans from Islamic terrorism, while in Benghazi four Americans were killed by Islamic jihadis while Team Obama did nothing. They failed to listen to the danger beforehand, they failed to do anything as the attacks were forming, they failed to act while the attacks were occurring, and then they lied about even before the attacks were over.

It’s a funny dichotomy: Dems are hot to trot for a report about being mean to Islamic throat cutters, yet want to stop all investigation into Benghazi, where Americans died.

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