Dems Still Working Hard To Thwart The Will Of The People On Health Care Reform

As most of us know, the American People were dead set against the passage of the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” which started out with the notion of reducing health insurance costs and providing coverage to the 30-45 million Americans that had no health insurance, and escalated to a 2,000 page bill that none who voted “Yea” actually read nor understood, and did anything but reduce health insurance costs. We’ve all seen the fallout, that insurance costs would go up while coverage would go down. Company after company asked for, and received waivers from all the mandates. States are suing over the individual, and un-Constitutional, insurance mandate. It became too involved in health care, and, clearly, in poll after poll, the American People want it repealed and replaced with legislation that can actually reduce health insurance costs, while expanding coverage. Enter the Democrats

President Obama officially drew a line in the sand Thursday evening, threatening to veto House Republicans’ attempt to repeal Obama’s landmark healthcare law.

And Harry Reid has suggested that if passed in the House, it will never hit the Senate floor. So much for listening to the People, and the historic mid-term demolition of Congressional Democrats. Now, Republicans are missing a beat by not coupling repeal with replace, however, voting on a simple two page document makes it viable to stop the addition of any riders and add ons. Then they can work towards common sense legislation, which, they already have!

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) attacked the health care bill in March as a massive government overreach, weighted down with new taxes but short on real reforms.

But repeal it, the way House Republicans would? No way, says Shuler, one of his party’s most conservative members.

“There are some very good things in this bill that have already become law,” Shuler said this week, citing the ban on pre-existing conditions for children and steps to close the Medicare prescription drug doughnut hole for seniors. “It is not just wrong but immoral to take those things away.”

When ObamaCare is replaced, whether it be during the session running through the 2012 election, or after, when Democrats have lost the Senate and White House, the legislation will need to include some of those provisions, which were placed in ObamaCare because they are popular among the American people. Also, because their inclusion was an attempt to overshadow the disturbing parts of ObamaCare, in order to make it more palatable. Like mixing Castor Oil with a bit of orange juice.

It’s January, and you know what that means for small businesses — health care insurance renewal time and time for our annual huge cost increases. That’s why I’m eagerly waiting for the new national health care law to kick in. And why I’ve got a loud message to new members of Congress: Hands off the health care law!

Leaders of the new Republican-led Congress have announced that one of their first votes will be to repeal the health care law. But no matter your political affiliation, if you run a small business, are self-employed, or are over 40 years of age, you should desperately want to keep it.

Why? Because small businesses and the self-employed have the hardest time getting health insurance and pay the most when they get it. If you’re over 40 and lose your job, without the new health care law, you’ll have a terrible time getting affordable health insurance if you become self-employed.

You’ll actually have a worse time getting affordable coverage with the law, but, Democrats wear rose colored blinders at all times, and the USA Today writer, Rhonda Abrams, supposedly an “expert” on small business, thinks that one of the best ideas, nationwide pooling, is a bad idea. But, she’s eagerly awaiting those super duper wonderful health care exchanges, which aren’t even close to being ready, so that Someone Else can pay most of her premiums. Typical liberal. They always want someone else to suffer, rather than acting like adults.

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