Denver Protest Shows Incoherence of ‘Occupy’

Over this past weekend several hundred conservative bloggers, writers, political operatives, and Tea Patiers got together in Denver, Colorado to attend a conference aimed toward helping these activists be more effective n their efforts. But conservative activism wasn’t the only theme on the schedule when the event was crashed by denizens of Occupy Denver who came to protest. What they came to protest was a tad unclear, but isn’t that just of a piece with the whole Occupy “movement”?

The event, Blogcon 2011, was organized by Freedom Works and featured seminars on Website SEO, use of Youtube and Facebook, information on which candidates Freedom Works is supporting in the upcoming GOP primaries, panels of bloggers telling their story, and the like.

What it wasn’t was attended by Washington’s policy makers or catering to the rich and famous! The folks at these events are most assuredly not members of the so-called one percent. They are work-a-day folks that just happen to be interested in conservative ideas. Essentially the participants at Blogcon 2011 were similar to the Occunuts that invaded their event in that they are all citizen activists.

But that didn’t stop the Occupiers from attacking Blogcon 2011 hopeful of disrupting the event. Two separate times Occupiers came to Blogcon to yell their empty slogans, chant their prosaic chants, ply their “mic check” silliness, call names, threaten violence, and in general act like children.

Small handful of Occupy protesters disrupt conservative conference

To further make light of their cause, the erstwhile denizens of Occupy Denver elected a dog to be their leader. That the Occupiers “elected” a three-year-old border collie named Shelby seems to prove how silly their whole business is.

As usual, when they invaded the conservative conference their main complaint seemed to be that Blogcon was funded by “the Koch Brothers.” In fact, some of these clueless protesters had been told that the famous libertarian moneymen were to appear at the event. The Kochs were not there, of course, and never were going to be.

In fact, the Koch Brothers have nothing at all to do with the event, its hosts or participants. Freedom Works, the event organizer, is not Koch funded and neither were any of the bloggers and activists there. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good Occupy chant, eh?

Besides worrying over the Koch Brothers — and a corresponding disinterest in George Soros who funds their side — other subjects that the Occupiers were concerned about was making all drugs legal, that rich people should have their money confiscated by the federal government, and a smattering of other odd topics like ushering in communism in America and other standard, left-wing tropes.

One fellow was wearing a Soviet helmet with a hammer and sickle on it but his friend insisted that just because he was wearing the symbol of the defunct communist nation that this didn’t mean he was supporting communism. I countered asking him if a white guy was holding a Confederate Battle Flag if he was supporting slavery? For a few seconds he stumbled around with his answer, realizing he’d seem a hypocrite if he said the CS flag was jut about slavery as would be a leftist’s first response, he then mumbled something about history and walked away.

In any case, it was a mish mash of issues with no central focus all hurled at a bunch of conservative bloggers that don’t control the very issues that the protesters wanted to change. There was no coherent point to this Occupy invasion.

But let me relay a story that proves that even these Occupy protesters don’t have a clue. At a recent AFP event in Washington D.C. the eeeevil David Koch of the dreaded Koch Brothers walked right past the protesters as he exited the venue and they didn’t even know who he was even as he walked among them. This incident proves that these people really have no clue and are just mouthing talking points handed to them by their controllers.

But the disjointed message of Occupy Denver is not an outlier. All of the Occupy camps are like Denver; confused, vague, misinformed, and based solely on feelings. Is it any wonder that these things have devolved from initial non-violent activism to criminal activity and violence? There is no central theme to keep Occupiers on track and working toward a goal. The devolution into chaos that we’ve seen from the Occupiers seems to be the only logical outcome, doesn’t it?


One of the funniest things that happened between the Occupiers and the conservative bloggers is when Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank Blog commandeered the Occupier’s bullhorn and turned the tables on them. The video is hilarious.

All Hail Shelby, grand exulted leader of Occupy Denver

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