DeRay McKesson of #BlackLivesMatter Tweets Claim That Virginia Shooter Was White

DeRay McKesson of #BlackLivesMatter Tweets Claim That Virginia Shooter Was White

What a sanctimonious, dishonest, lying asshat. Let’s see… #BlackLiesMatter or maybe, #BlackCrimesMatter. DeRay McKesson couldn’t wait to blame a white shooter after the Virginia shootings yesterday. He Tweeted it to his some 200,000 followers out there. Problem is, the shooter was black and if DeRay had taken two seconds to look into the whole thing when it first started, he would have known that. But he’s not one for letting little things like the truth or facts get in his way. He deleted the Tweet, but not before The Daily Caller got a hold of it. No apology from McKesson was forth coming either. Color me not surprised.

DeRay McKesson

From The Daily Caller:

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson continued his pattern of jumping to conclusions and getting his facts wrong on Wednesday when he tweeted out to his 200,000 followers that the man who fatally shot a TV reporter and cameraman in Virginia was white.

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McKesson quibbled with initial reports that the shooter — who had not been identified at the time — was a disgruntled ex-employee. The activist, who began touring the country as an organized protester after the Michael Brown shooting last year, appeared to believe that the shooter was white. He compared the initial reports to how Muslims are characterized as “terrorists” following similar incidents.

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McKesson deleted the tweet after the shooter was identified as Vester Lee Flanagan, a 41-year-old black man. He later acknowledged his incorrect tweet laying blame on false reports, but did not offer an apology.

A longtime news reporter, Flanagan had been fired from WDBJ in 2013. He claimed in a series of tweets that the reporter he shot, Alison Parker, a white woman, had used racial epithets at work. Flanagan also has a history of filing racial discrimination complaints. In 2000, he sued a Tallahassee news station claiming that a supervisor called him a “monkey.”

Ironically, earlier on Wednesday, McKesson appeared on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” to talk about his activism and the Black Lives Matter movement and scolded a critical caller for not getting her facts correct.

The caller argued that McKesson should focus more on cases of so-called black-on-black crime.

“So when you say that people broke the laws, that simply is not true, and I’d push you to do more homework before you hurl accusations,” McKesson responded to the caller.

McKesson himself has been accused of playing fast-and-loose with the facts in the past. In many of the cases he’s protested — from the Michael Brown case to Freddie Gray’s death to Sandra Bland’s — McKesson has made claims to his large Twitter following that turned out to be false.

McKesson has become a hot commodity for several presidential campaigns. Hillary Clinton invited him to a campaign event in June. And Bernie Sanders reached out to him on Twitter to set up a meeting to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement.

DeRay McKesson of #BlackLivesMatter infamy, has become the poster boy for racial division that the likes of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pander to. It’s disgraceful and sickening. The guy wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the face. He’s lied about Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland. He’s totally down with stirring up hate and racial division – that’s his forte. The truth of the matter is that most crimes against blacks are committed by other blacks. And in almost every case where a police officer has had to take action against a black individual, it was because they were actively breaking the law and/or attacking the officer. Now, that’s the brutal truth this jerk will deny all day long. Flanagan, who shot two white individuals who were working on reporting a story, wanted a race war. He was a paranoid, delusional, violent psychopath. McKesson makes his bones going around playing off tragedy and trying to incite racial chaos. All lives matter, even McKesson’s.

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