Dershowitz Demolishes Maxine Waters After She Calls Him ‘RACIST’ For Defending Pres. Trump [VIDEO]

Dershowitz Demolishes Maxine Waters After She Calls Him ‘RACIST’ For Defending Pres. Trump [VIDEO]

Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz can be seen by many as a straight shooter. He is on the left, but he has been known to call bull crap on a number of occasions and most recently on everyone’s favorite senile Rep., Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), after the California Democrat foolishly called the man a “racist.”

It was disclosed last week that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller has chosen two grand juries in his investigation into Russian interference in last year’s general election. The investigation includes a look into whether or not Trump’s campaign had unbefitting contacts with Russian officials. There are two grand jury’s with one being in Virginia and another in Washington, D.C.

Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School, ruffled some feathers on the left when he claimed that Mueller had “stacked the deck” against Trump by impaneling a grand jury in Washington because the demographics of the area are quite clearly anti-Trump. That means if a petty jury is ever assembled for a trial, Trump’s defense attorneys would not have a fair shake at finding a suitable panel of jurors.

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Of course the Northern Virginia panel would prove to be more in Trump’s corner since Virginia is a swing-state, at least that’s how Dershowitz sees it.

But leave it to Waters to twist what Dershowitz said as “absolutely racist.”

The liberal law professor, who has apparently been on Trump’s “side” throughout the Russian investigation, was not taking any crap from the ancient Waters, and swung back with facts that she had missed on “Fox and Friends” Sunday.

“Well, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. First of all, I wasn’t talking about the grand jury. I was talking about the petty jury. Grand jury doesn’t matter. A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor wants them to — so it doesn’t matter where the grand jury is.”

Dershowitz continues to grill Waters in the video below:

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