Dianne Feinstein Discovers a Reason to Oppose Overreach by the Surveillance State

Authoritarian Senator Dianne Feinstein finds the intrusive surveillance state less appealing when she’s the one under Big Brother’s microscope:

The whistleblower Edward Snowden accused the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee of double standards on Tuesday, pointing out that her outrage at evidence her staff were spied on by the CIA was not matched by concern about widespread surveillance of ordinary citizens.

Snowden, the former contractor whose disclosures to journalists revealed widespread surveillance by the National Security Agency, was responding to an explosive statement by Senator Dianne Feinstein about the CIA’s attempts to undermine a congressional investigation into interrogation and detention.

In a surprisingly combative statement on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Feinstein, who has been widely criticised by privacy experts for failing to hold the NSA to account, accused the CIA of conducting potentially unconstitutional and criminal searches on computers used by her staff. …

Feinstein described the controversy as “a defining moment for the oversight of our intelligence community”.

Here’s what it takes to generate interest in oversight of the intelligence community:

Feinstein … confirmed recent reports that CIA officials had monitored computer networks used by Senate staff investigators. Going further than previously, she referred openly to recent attempts by the CIA to remove documents from the network detailing evidence of torture that would incriminate intelligence officers.

In the past, Feinstein has aggressively defended violation of our Fourth Amendment rights by the NSA.

Hypocrisy is not new for Frankenfeinstein. She is among the Second Amendment’s most vociferous opponents, yet she has carried a gun for self-defense herself.

Feinstein realizing that she is seen as a hypocritical fool.

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