DNC Chair Candidate Keith Ellison Has Called For Separate Country for Black Americans [VIDEO]

DNC Chair Candidate Keith Ellison Has Called For Separate Country for Black Americans [VIDEO]

So, DNC Chair wannabe Keith Ellison is not only a supreme douche, he’s a racist just as I have always suspected. While in law school, he wrote columns on how black Americans should have their own separate country. That takes black, Islamic racism to a whole new level… guess it wasn’t just a phase.

This came up before when he first ran for Congress in 2006, but Minnesota being the Progressive stronghold it is, it was roundly ignored. Ellison has a deep, abiding love for the radically violent Nation of Islam. He also wants reparations for slavery. This guy is into racial isolation and the redistribution of wealth big time. I didn’t think the Dems could go more Leftist than they were. Looks like I was wrong.


From Mediaite:

Democratic Minnesota Representative and Democratic National Committee chairman candidate Keith Ellisononce called for slavery reparations and a separate country for black Americans in a university newspaper column.

Ellison’s writings while a student at the University of Minnesota law school– under the name “Keith Hakim”– raised eyebrows when he announced his first congressional run in 2006. The Weekly Standardnoted that “Ellison refers to ‘Minister Louis Farrakhan,’ defends Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Abdul Muhammad, and speaks in the voice of a Nation of Islam advocate… ‘Hakim’ demands reparations for slavery and throws in a demand for an optional separate homeland for American blacks.”

After Ellison announced he was seeking the chairman position, The Daily Caller News Foundation went back and dug up the columns in question, including two the Standard missed. In particular, they confirmed Ellison’s past support for a separate country for African-Americans:

Blacks would have the option of choosing their own land base or remaining in the United States. Since black people toiled most diligently in the southeastern section of the United States, this land, quite naturally, would be most suitable. That means Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Blacks, of course, would not be compelled to move to the black state, and, of course, peaceful whites would not be compelled to move away.

“Whites would be relieved of the burdens of the black-faced but white-dominated social programs. Blacks would employ themselves, teach their own children the truth and control their own neighborhoods. Black-white interaction would be voluntary instead of compelled,” Ellison stated after saying they should have their own state. Then he demanded a land grant in addition to a substantial slavery reparations payment. “This is a bargain,” he insisted. Sounds like he’s bucking for Shariah law as well.

That’s so bitingly racist it makes me cringe. Doesn’t anyone in the Democratic Party have a problem with this? Geez. He has the endorsements of Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and more than 250,000 signatures on an “Ellison for chairman” petition, Representative Ellison is the early favorite for the position.

It’s not just Ellison’s radical Islamic views or his racism that is a sticking point here. He’s a stone cold Marxist. Ellison has very close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the Communist Party USA. In his “student radical days,” the young Marxist was condemning capitalism and “police brutality” around the same time he converted to Islam. In 1989, Keith Ellison was featured in “Forward Motion,” the now-defunct print magazine of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization – the same group that eventually spawned the “Black Lives Matter” movement. He wrote an article entitled, “Battling the Rise in Police Brutality,” which is not found online. But you can find it on New Zeal. And watch Trevor Loudon below speak on Keith Ellison:


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