DNC Delegate Stops USA Chant, Because…OFFENSIVE!

DNC Delegate Stops USA Chant, Because…OFFENSIVE!

Despite the fact that President Obama and other so-called “progressives” like to lecture Americans on “who we are” as a nation, one of the starkest differences between the left and right is that the left despises what America is and only supports America as a concept of what it could be if liberals are allowed free reign. This anti-American hatred was on full display at the Democratic National Convention as delegates began chanting “USA” to the chagrin of some who felt that the pro-American chant was inappropriate.


From Townhall.com:

Oh, the things that are overheard by members of the media. Here’s a rather unsettling one from Fox News’ Shannon Bream picked up on the convention floor, where a Democratic delegate was irked that the arena was shouting “USA” to drown out the anti-war hecklers chanting “no more wars” and “lies” during former CIA Director Leon Panetta’s address. Apparently, Democrats shouldn’t do that because it’s a “Trump chant.”

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So, being proud of your country, showing some patriotic fervor, and trying to push back against the fools being rude to Panetta is…bad because it’s somehow connected to Trump. That’s insane. The “USA” chants have long pre-dated this cycle and the 2008 cycle. It was heard at sporting events after the 9/11 attacks, where the country was more unified than ever—and lockstep behind then-President George W. Bush. I miss those days.

The truth of the matter is that shouting “USA” isn’t a Trump activity; it’s an American one. This isn’t something to get all crazy about. Additionally, it was somewhat appropriate, given that Panetta was interrupted as he discussed his parents’ immigration to the United States from Italy, where they started a restaurant and carved our their slice of the American dream, so yeah—“USA!” “USA!”

It’s hardly surprising to see Democrats chant their traditional anti-war slogans. They’re typically against wars unless it’s a Democrat waging them. Then liberals just kind of grumble and move on.

That there is an element within the Democratic ranks that sees American pride as a shameful thing is truly telling of the message upon which the current Democrat Party is built.

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