DNC: Fences Are Great To Keep Out Riff Raff From Convention, But Not To Protect America

It’s that time. The Democratic National Convention, where they will nominate a horrible, incompetent candidate. The DNC coordinated to make sure The Queen was the last one standing, and now party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been forced to resign, and Bernie and the Bernie bro’s are livid. But, they really do have a fantistic “wall” around their convention site. Hmm, a wall

  • Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.
  • Donald Trump has a different approach….. He wants to build walls and keep people—including Americans—from entering the country based on their race, religion, ethnicity, and national origin.
  • We are not a country that cowers behind walls.
  • Democrats reject Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall on our southern border…..

Those are 4 of the mentions of “wall” in the DNC platform (the other 13 are whining about Wall St while taking lots and lots of Wall St money). But….

(The American Mirror) To the Democratic National Committee elites, keeping average Americans away from their convention is a good idea, while protecting the southern border from intruding terrorists, rapists and murderers is a bad one.

The DNC has erected a four-mile fence around its convention site at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. (Isn’t it ironic they’re doing so much to protect a site named after a bank?)

The fence is roughly 8 feet high, is heavy duty in many spots, as opposed to simply chainlink, and also has a double reinforcement in strategic spots.

They’re even going to fence in the areas for protesters, which have been set aside, and are away from the areas the media will tend to spend time in.

Will the GOP and Donald Trump take advantage of the visuals of the fencing? We’ll see.

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