DNC Writes Slobbering Letter To Obama, Supporting His Iran Deal

They had to write a letter of support because Debbie Wasserman-Schultz blocked a formal resolution

(Washington Post) Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a resolution at the party’s summer meeting here that praised President Obama and offered backing for the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to knowledgeable Democrats.

The resolution was drafted with the intention of putting the national committee on record in support of the agreement as Congress prepares to take up the issue when members return from their August recess.

As a fallback, James Zogby, the co-chair of the Resolutions Committee, led a move to prepare a letter of support for the president and the Iran agreement that eventually gained signatures from a sizable majority of the members of the national committee. Zogby said Saturday that, in the end, this produced a satisfactory outcome.

Blocking the resolution has made Democrats Very Mad at DWS, who did not say why she blocked it. There’s some thought that this was due to DWS representing a heavily Jewish district. Hey, maybe DWS did something smart, and realized that it is a Bad Idea for Dems to formally approve of the deal, which has almost no Republican support, and would leave Dems on the hook for the sure to follow bad outcomes.

Here’s the letter, via the Huffington Post, signed by over 160 Democratic delegates and members of the DNC

A Special Letter to the President from members of the Democratic National Committee.

We strongly support the courageous leadership you have demonstrated in choosing diplomacy and negotiations over conflict. We believe that the completion of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action negotiated between P5+1 (the Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany) and Iran to place strict limits on Iran’s nuclear program is an important victory for diplomacy. We recognize that there are some who in good faith have expressed reservations with elements of the JCPOA but we believe that you and key members of your Administration have effectively and respectfully responded to these concerns. We, therefore, join you in supporting the JCPOA as the best way forward to secure our nation, our allies, and world peace.


A Pack Of Naive Boobs

Now, this is where my interest was peaked, in that the letter notes that the deal “places strict limits on Iran’s nuclear program”. Limits. Not stops it. Not demolishes it. Not “removes all possibility that Iran will get nuclear weapons through its own programs”. Just “strict limits”. And it doesn’t even acknowledge that those strict limits will only last 8-10 years, with them going away in 15.

Nor does it acknowledge all the money Iran will gain to fund its weapons and terrorism programs. Nor all the loopholes. Nor that the “snap inspections” are anything but. That Iran is going to inspect its own military nuclear facility. That US inspectors may be blocked by Iran. That the deal will make the Middle East even more un-safe. That Iran will continue to build intercontinental ballistic missiles. And that Iran has already stated that it will ignore certain parts of the deal. That sanctions will never, ever snap-back in reality. And so many other issues.

Democrats will own this failure.

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